Recovery beer in Gouda

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After writing my blog today I asked Bianca if she wanted to go out.

The weather was awesome today.

We decided to go to Gouda (yes from the cheese) with the train and have nice day together walking around, having a recovery beer (for me)and some nice food.




Clearly not Dutch food but man was it tasty.


Also come across this beer shop. They had a huge collection. Picked up two barrel aged beers for tomorrow when the guys come over to watch the F1 race.



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Recovery beer? Recovery from what?

From the day before. Party with friends.

It's nice that the steem settled and we can have a beer in peace

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Can we give the Steem blockchain a beer? I think Steem needs a recovery beer too

You enjoy your food thats imp isn't @exyle
Do have a visit at my blogs too thanks

Always find the best part and enjoy your day.
Nice pics by the way.
Really enjoy them.
Have a wonderful weekend as always.

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Happy saturday!

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Mark @exyle and SCOTUS Nominee Judge Kavanaugh both Like.................

Recovery beers are always necessary
'Hair of the Dog'

Weather looks perfect for a beer

You and i could hang bro. Some great sites.

Wow the day looked completely beautiful, I loved the image of the field with the horses is wonderful! Also the food you ordered Lucia Delicious hope you enjoyed it, thanks for sharing with us :)

There is nobody in the streets! Definitively doesn't look like India.

The trip really worked our like a charm and the food was really really delicious :D

Looks like you two had a great time and the food looked really good too. For as nice of a day as it was, I would have expected to see more people out and about in the town.