Application For A Moderator

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Hello, My name is Ewuoso Olusesi Oluwaseyi. I was introduced to steemit by my elder brother @jammey. I registered June last year and i have been active since July last year.


I am making this post as an application to be a moderator for Utopian.

About Utopian

Utopian is a project that allows people to make valuable contributions to open source software projects and get rewarded for it. It is built on top of Steem blockchain and it uses it to reward contributors

How I Found Out About Utopian

I am a social media addict and since i joined steemit, i have been always online and always surfing. I found it on a post made by elear.

What i Want To Apply For

I want to apply for a moderator but i want the video tutorial category.

Why I Think I Will Be Chosen

I have read and understood the rules.

I have knowledge on open sources as i have attended various tutorial classes about them.

One of them was carried out by @onos in a whatsapp group which can be found HERE

one on one tutorial from @eurogee and @drigweeu

All the tutorials received are from utopian moderators and also constant contributors.

I am also a contributor and i have done a few no of video tutorials.

some below

I have a taste for quality and i believe i will do well in the video tutorial category and i have 24 hours internet facility that can make me available anytime of the day.


I am a graduate and i have B.s.c edu in Economics

Did my youth service corps year 2016/2017

I will like to be under the supervision of @deathwing

Thank Yhu.

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You have my support @ewuoso Good luck with your application!


Thank You God Bless

Success boss



Nice one @ewuso i hope i can get to this point one day.

how can I contribute to getting you that moderator thingy.


you have done enough dear


Oh I have? I thought it was like a vote something.


So thoughtful of u

Wish you success @ewuoso the boss of life

All the best bro... Enjoy God's Grace.

You deserve to be a moderator bro... all the best


thanks bro

@ewuoso has what it takes to moderate very well.


thanks for the believe

All the best bro

you deserve it @ewuoso

His botanical name is moderator . He has everything it takes to make utopian better



Whenever this young man makes a post and mention my name, I feel on top of the world.
It's really funny how life is...
Do not say because you have not achieve from a thing, you won't tell others about it.
It's good to always be a source of good things to others.
My younger brother @ewuoso has done so much for many people and in always grateful to God for that.
He deserves this, why do I say so.
I do say so because he is not about himself only, he always want to help people.
And anyone who cares about helping others deserves to be the opportunity to do more
I wish u d best bro.
I love u


This means a lot to me bro

I wish you success. You are carried @ewuoso


What is not the case? lol