What is Billett Enterprises and what is it all about? How to Get Involved.

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What is Billett Enterprises and what is it all about? How to Get Involved.

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Billett Enterprises, Inc. is a closely-held (privately traded) Wyoming, USA corporation. The corporate acts as a corporate umbrella and pool for our many operations such as our online retail network Righteous Discounts, real estate, cryptocurrency operations, and other operations both as the primary operator or as a partner in a profit sharing agreement.

The mission of this company is to provide equity and dividend payments to our stockholder (we currently have nearly 70,000 shares of stock issued) that pay 5% APY, but to also fund and manage new business ventures for those needing financial support and guidance.

We aim to create a network of businesses and business partnerships that work together and support each other, driving new business and growth all while offering avenues for investors not directly involved to earn returns via corporate dividends.

To date, Billett Enterprises, Inc. has paid over $5,080 in dividends to its shareholders and is looking to bring more aboard for 2019!

Investment vehicles we are offering new investors are as follows:

Venture Capital Agreement - The is a contractual agreement with Billett Enterprises, Inc. for capital loaned (in USD) by an individual/company to be repaid back plus interest within 1 year. This acts as a quick return investment vehicle for individuals/companies, the interest to be paid by Billett Enterprises is 10%. The maximum amount of a Venture Capital Agreement is $5,000 USD. Example: For a venture capital agreement of $5,000, Billett Enterprises will pay the individual/company $5,500 within 1 year of issue.

Investment in common stock - Common stock investment Investing in the corporation's common stock give you a percentage of ownership within the company. You receive voting rights and access to company financials and other private data. Being a stockholder you are entitled to dividend payments of 5% APY of your principal investment paid out quarterly. Be aware that the corporation has the option to not pay (is not required by law) dividends, as dividends are paid out with net profit. The corporation also reserves the right to alter dividend percentage. Billett Enterprises has never not paid for a quarter however, and does not foresee any reason to break the cycle and confidence of its shareholders. Please note that this should only be done if you are taking a long term position in the company, as it is currently privately held and shares are not very liquid (low trading volume).

If you are interested in becoming an investor, please contact us via facebook at https://www.facebook.com/billettenterprises/ or email us at [email protected]

Respectfully yours,

Jacob A. Billett, M.B.A

CEO Billett Enterprises, Inc.


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