My Dealings with Professional Crypto Scammer Micheal Q Todd

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In business, you run across some pretty shitty people. It happens. Typically with scammers you can block or ignore them and they just go away. Others are career trolls (people who live to slander, defame, cause chaos, etc. online). Unfortunately I have attracted such a creature by using an opensource social media platform named Kblog, a creature by the name of Michael Q Todd (and his wife) that has now required some of my time to file official complaints to the FBI Department IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Department) and considering filing a lawsuit if it continues further.

Typically scammers such as this will use scare tactics such as intimidation and scare tactics (example - a fake IRS agent calling you to pay with gift cards or your will be arrested), speak about having close relationships with law enforcement, that they are "lawyers" or other authoritative individuals, use multiple fake accounts/aliases, contact friends/family/employers to discredit you to get a reaction.

This fine specimen of a man (and his wife) has hit all of these scammer prerequisites with flying colors, and have done so to many since this is their job.

I strongly urge any of my family, friends to block this man and woman after they attempt in contacting you and screenshot any correspondence to [email protected] If anyone is wishes to see the communication records between us, they can be seen on this shared drive

I could write a book about our interactions so far (matter a fact a book HAS been written about this dude titled "The Slime Goblin"), however enough time has been spend on this man but you can read everything in the google drive.

If you are wanting any additional information, a simple google search of "Michael Q Todd" or "Micheal Q Todd scam" will display enough information for anyone to make an informed opinion.

I apologize in advance if anyone I know gets contacted by this scammer.

Note: One of his steemit accounts is @crowdifywepayyou


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