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And one more image from me. I stayed 2 days there but didnt enough. If you have any question, i help you with pleasure. I hope you enjoy there. :)


Fotoğrafları burada topluyormuşuz 🙃



I just lost it over the personal photo challenge.
Well i studied in the UK but ain't got no photo to share, i quit using handies long ago... Lets see if we ever have some other photos under this post in 6 days xD


:D :D

Enjoy your time in England @emrebeyler .
It looks sunny but be careful with cold weather😛. Take more pictures and share them as an album with us 😉


I am -very- careful w/ the cold weather.


Another tower bridge picture from me , Some peddler selling chocolate peanet over there you should try it :D btw, be safe , have a nice trip ! : )


Oo reis photoception :)

Hocam çok güzel fotoğraf. Gitmeyi daha çok istedim senin sayende.