How You Can Increase Your Immune System Following These Ways

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Many people are not aware that they are the real causes of there own weakness of there immune system.

There are various things that causes one immune system to be low apart from the sexually transmitted disease call the HIV/AIDS that affect grossly the immune system at stage 3 and 4 .

Germs, viruses, bacteria and other disease- causing microbes abound everywhere and to stay healthy, you need a strong immune system to act as defense against infections. Taking some of these steps below will help boost your immunity, making it stronger to fight off any virus and prevent diseases.


Eat a balanced diet

It is the most important way to keep your immune system functioning normally is diet. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds and lean protein which will provide your body with the nutrients, especially vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants which makes immune system to function properly. All classes of food should be eaten in a correct proportion.

Exercise regularly

Working out does more than keep your waist trim and making you have six packs. Exercising regularly and eating healthy are the most significant factors for your immune system. Indeed, research shows that people who live more sedentary lifestyles are far more likely to get colds or other infectious diseases than more active people. This exercise bring out the sweat in you that might have the tendency to cause harm in your body. One can involve in various exercise be it outdoor or indoor, so it depends on your own way.

Good Sleep pattern

You can't cheat nature, it will surely ask for it. Sleep deprivation and stress overload increase the hormone cortisol, prolonged elevation of which suppresses immune function. When you are feeling overwhelmed by your endless chores and workloads, it can be tempting to skimp on sleep to get everything done. When you have a good sleep all the body system will be set for the next day activities, but not getting enough sleep can have serious consequences on your health as there is a connection between lack of sleep and low immunity which can result in ill-health. A healthy adult needs at least seven hours of sleep each night.

Personal hygiene

Maintaining good personal hygiene habits as this can contribute in no small way in preventing certain illnesses like the common cold and flu. Always wash your hands with soap and water after using the toilet. Use a hand sanitizer for maximum protection, for those who use public toilets. Always wash hands after coming back from and outing or even take your bath so that all dust, bacteria carried in the atmosphere will be wash away

Avoid smoking tobacco

Smoking weakens the body systems and help them to reduce drastically in there functions. It undermines basic immune defenses and raises the risk of bronchitis, tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumonia in everyone, and middle ear infections called otitis media. Also drink less alcohol. Excessive consumption impairs the immune system and increases vulnerability to lung infections.

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