What's next with Busy.org. My quick teaser before official announcement

in busy •  2 months ago

An official Announcement will be published tomorrow by @busy.org with our complete vision, until then, here is a teaser in pictures, captured from Busy and the Steem blockchain.

"Everything was already announced 21 months ago. It's just time to get aligned, and/or pivot accordingly to achieve our initial goals and vision." - @ekitcho

11/17/2016 8:56 PM - First Busy post on the Steem blockchain






cc1 @snowflake (is the one that trully captured the essence of my vision/strategy back in time...)



cc2 @fyrstikken


BONUS 2 The video: The China and WeChat successful example of all-in-one platform.

Imagine WeChat being an Open Platform hub of blockchain and cryptocurrencies dApps around a social&communication layer called Busy, interconnected with the Steem blockchain...

The first step of our vision is now almost achieved. Now shouldn't we start to build this next-gen social all-in-one open platform embedding all kinds of blockchains and cryptocurrencies decentralized Apps, that we announced 21 months ago?
What do you think ?

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Well, now I've got rather high expectations ;)

this gonna be good!

Woww, cant wait to find out what the announcement is! :D

Lol, funny

@busy is bringing social network into new territory and the world need it this evolving technology we are witnessing and building daily. I firmly believe in this vision. We now have what we need to make it happen and @busy is well position in the Steem and entire Blockchain ecosystem to build a new social network. I see @busy as a building block that can bridge in the future with other graphene chain like eos, bitshares and other.

#deep will be waiting for the official announcement and sure learn more about it.

Been wanting to say but never had a chance just yet, since I've been seeing you reblog all steempeak, esteem post by other. WHAT A SPIRIT!

Heard from @theshinstory you're half Thai, is that true????


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Why do you even ask? It’s time!!!

Its a social media 3.0.

Mec t es au top :-)
Continue comme ça !!!

I hope will be good XD