This Hardfork 19 really makes me want to blog again on Steem!

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I've been so BUSY lately that there is a lot of frustration for not being able to find the time to update my steem blog and give everyone news on what is going on behind the curtains.

I also had to take a week off, due to the death of a close relative (Grandfather, I miss you...) to help the family grieving. Mourning, suffering was painful. I had to join a Temple and follow our family/buddhist tradition and became Monk for a few days to honor him and help his soul go to heaven. In fact it was awesome and helped me a lot.

I'm back, stronger than ever, with this inexplicable energy, and tons of ideas for our ecosystem! Catching up on everything...

I'll try to blog more about any topics as well, and I feel like today is a special day to start writing. Not English native, I tend to idealize the quality of content I want to produce, so it often doesn't come to an end. Every day I keep telling myself I should just start writing even if there are mistakes, I'll only keep improving by writing more often. "Practice makes Perfect" right?

Now I'll post even my Draft ;) Mixing different topics, like a *ekitcho MAGAZINE

Here are some topics I'll try to blog about:

  • Gardening Journal (fresh vegetables, decentralized food :D straight from my garden)
  • Steem blockchain / ecosystem
  • vision / perspective
  • Busy organization: Open-decision making Guideline, Workflow (Agile/Scrum custom) Guideline
  • User experience debate on Steem
  • Altcoin/Cryptocurrencies, market analysis, competitive intelligence for other blockchain social media projects, etc.
  • Politics/Philosophy/Governance/Democracy/Decentralization
  • etc.

Let's start with the Hardfork and some Gardening ep.1


I think this Hardfork19 is bringing a totally new Voting experience, giving SteemPower holders more voting power and impact than before.
Votes have now more impact on unvoted content, and less on voted content as well.

With we initially started with a simple LIKE/DISLIKE for upvote/downvote, without any voting % level (-100/0/100), to make it easier and taking the time to define good User Experience and UI for this voting feature as it depends on the blockchain positioning and hardforks.
Voting target has changed which means if you use Steemit, eSteem, chainbb etc. you can lower percentage of voting to meet the number of votes you can do per day. On it just means you can now cast less vote per day (at 100%), but can check the Voting Power directly on your profile.
To catch up with daily auto-recharge of voting power you would
Previously: 40 votes per day with 100% weight
Now: 10 votes per day with 100% weight
(thanks @good-karma for the information. Everyone should test eSteem his awesome app!)
In order to vote 40 times you should use 25% weight now.

I really like the way @jesta is proposing it with chainbb as well
Pasted image at 2017_06_20 23_58.png
After jesta UI/UX test!

At, we're discussing how to manage this voting power and deliver a good user experience for you guys. There are many ideas and design suggestion, and I'm sure we will find out the best solution after being able to consider the real impact of this HF and all the possibilities.

Today I suggested an idea where a user could actually estimate the vote reward in $ before casting the vote. It would actually allow a different voting experience and more accurate or help new users to understand relation between SP and voting power. @fabien, @sekhmet and @itsyogesh all came with different ideas and solutions we're debating.

I'm confident that this HF will bring a lot of new users and incentivize to have SP and participate in the platform. This is nothing compare to the potential of "Communities" and "community-token + DEX, with Steem as base currency". Steem is definitely one of the best blockchain & cryptocurrency project running a working product for more than a year, being scalable with a great and talented community! The potential is huge...

There're many things about Busy I want to talk on my personal blog, and I'll take time to help you understand everything we're working on, new team, new designs, new release soon, so exciting ;)

  • new design
  • new strategy
  • new workflow (scrum based)
  • new team members
  • etc.


I started a nice garden to grow my own food. Vegetables & fruits. I've seen some nice posts on Steem and it looks like you guys like it, so I'll definitely blog about that and explain my technique and post pictures.

There's a purpose to each of these 'rules' and together they make up a powerful and almost fail-safe method for successful gardening. It's a great method for new gardeners, people who have little time, and yield/quality can't be more awesome.

I use a Square Gardening method, growing in wood-Grow-box

  • can be built almost anywhere.
  • keep the hard subsoil damp and soft, allowing roots to penetrate subsoil.
  • are not dependent on condition of local soils (less need to know about nutrient deficiencies or methods for improving problem soils).
  • provide perfect drainage and aeration for roots and balanced feeding of plants.
  • extend growing season, since artificial soils warm up quickly in springtime, boosting growth.
  • act as a temperature regulator, since artificial soils keep roots cool in the summer.
  • take up less space than regular soil.
  • greatly reduce or eliminate weeds.

Some pics when I started 2 months ago






I have broccoli, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, melon, parsley, cabbage, cucumber, basil, strawberry, etc. Every day I have free fruits & vegetables, almost without any work... Will give you update and pictures of results

Hard fork your life and make a clear consensus between your mind and body, eat healthy food grown by your own, decentralize For a better life ;)

That's all for today, see you in the next episode

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Nice to have you back blogging mate. I really love your gardening efforts. I failed with a lavender growing kit last month and I'm eager to try again with more knowledge. I can see you are growing everything that I like in my salad :D

You can come eat ;)
welcome in FR

Haha I would love to travel to France for salad ;-)

Please do, @ekitcho. I can't wait to see what you have to offer!


Same here, before it was like each of my votes and votes of my followers were so useless. Now I feel the power.

Enjoy your power, but power also means abuse, means Control. ;)

I just abused my power to give you 5 cts lol

new follower here. i like your gardening topics.

Great article bro! Nice pics too ;)!


Glad to have you back. I just made a list of topics I want to write about on here, too. It's good to have a plan to put out quality content on a regular basis and develop a readership.

I don't really understand all the numbers associated with the hard fork, but I did notice my next two payouts increased dramatically, which is always pleasing. I tried what you suggested in this post and used my slider for the first time ever (I always used to just throw 100% votes around like they were candy), and even with adjusting it to 25%, it still made a noticeable difference in the payout. So, thank you for explaining the numbers part. There's a reason I chose a college major that didn't involve math. :)

Yes having a plan is the key. Manage the process, not the outcome; the outcome will take care of itself. ;)

you're welcome! everyone should be involved in math. Math is life <3
The problem in my opinion for so many ppl, is the way math was taught to the young students.. (might be wrong though)

the gardening stuff really appeals to me, i'd like that kinda stuff as like mini walkthrough videos - maybe you should make it as a cheap series to sell on gumroad or something like that?

i'll think about it ;) thanks

you are really busy. I liked that traddormation from hard fork talk to gardening. Looking forward for more.

hard fork your life and make a clear consensus between your mind and body, eat healthy food grown by your own, decentralize For a better life ;)

well said, almost poetic

Thanks for the post. I am an amatuer gardener. My wife and I have made it a priority to learn how to grow our own food. Seeing posts like yours really are an inspiration. Thanks @ekitcho.

very nice! You can start right now, it's very easy to learn, pick your method (mine is Square foot gardening), and learn how it works by doing it. good luck mate

Thanks @ekitcho!

I'm sorry to hear about your Grandfather. I think the idea that you can help someone who passed get to heaven is very interesting! Certainly cathartic if nothing else, but I hope it is true as well.

I'm still a bit new and don't know what Busy is yet, but I'll be checking it out.

thanks for your support, i found this idea very interesting as well even if i define myself more like atheist, i actually did like doing it for him and the family

Busy is an alternative entry to the steem blockchain, just like, esteem, or chainbb are.

We are more focus into building this Facebook-killer all-in-one platform app based on the Steem blockchain, with a new user experience, design, and features. For now it's still in beta, and a new release with new design is coming soon. You can read more at

Garden's growing nice and well :D
Please post more Busy dev updates. I think there are more eyes and minds around now which can help out with plenty of feedback and all!

thanks! agree, we had a full design/strategy rework and new team members to integrate as well, things are smoother now, as we clarified everything, we will give more update now and involve the community to work with us

Which website/blog/steemit acc should I best follow to keep up to date with Busy? Yours?

My condolences to you and your family. Thank you for all of the hard work you're doing for the community

With my own writing I'm hoping that practice will eventually make perfect. Time will tell.

I can't wait to see some VP controls in Busy. The idea of doing dollar amounts is an excellent one! I hope you're able to implement it successfully. Best of luck!

Thank you for your support

So many box gardens! I have read that they work really well, been trying to figure out how I could implement that on a larger scale.

for larger scale it's not the best technique in my pov
but very nice in some config

@ekitcho what an amazingt post keep up the amazing work and keep posting great content thunbs up keep on steeming

thanks for your support
i've so many things to say but not the time, skill and energy to write, but i guess when you really want something you can find time for it ;) otherwise i'll just have to hire someone writing for me my ideas :D

I have seen but I don't really understand what is it about though

I thinj you are right about steem power holders and that may possibly be a problem in the future ( who knows).

Also I really liked the way you organize your garden! What is the first thing that you mixed in the machine ? Personally I have a small garden with pumpkins and papaya trees I am growing a small batch of chive and sweet peppers . Any tips you want to share with a newbie?

Busy is an alternative entry to the steem blockchain, just like, esteem, or chainbb are.

We are more focus into building this Facebook-killer all-in-one platform app based on the Steem blockchain, with a new user experience, design, and features. For now it's still in beta, and a new release with new design is coming soon. You can read more at

About the garden mix, it's a mix of "Plagron" soil and other stuffs my friend advise me, like trichodermas, guano, etc.

Plagron Promix is a mix of the very best, most carefully selected types of peat. The addition of various types of fibre results in a lightness and oxygen level found only in Plagron quality substrates. No nutrients have been added to Promix, only Plagron worm castings. The worm castings stimulate the growth of soil organisms and activate the organic fertilisers which have to be added at the first day of use.

It's a small investment compare to the quality of the soil, but honestly you can also do the same for free, just by using your free soil :D

I made a huge hole in my garden and started filling it with natural waste and then I used said soil to plant! And It worked! This is my 3rd batch of pumpkins

And in busy do I migrate with the same followers as steemit or is it different? And do I have payouts? (sorry for the busy related questions but I truly did not understand the concept when I clicked on it)

you can log in with your posting key, and have the same content/followers/and payouts, just a different interface/design, and we are working on new features as well.

Steem is a blockchain with decentralized apps / front end like,, etc. using the same identity/account layer and blockchain with a distributed ledger sharing and handling all the content/transactions history. This make Steem decentralized

I really like . Thanks for your hard work!

Nice blog man, thank you, and sorry for your loss..

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Il a offert une belle experience dans son départ...

Bien joué pour le tips sur busy, je me demandais comment régler ca, mais une petite question, à partir de combien de steampower tu commences à pouvoir donner quelques chose (d'un peu plus cool qu'1 cent) ?

Et pour finir frais le jardin... J'ai cru voir que t'étais en france dans les commentaires, si t'es pas trop loin de la Belgique jette un oeil au jardin des fraternités ouvrières à Moucrons, ils ont plus de 5000 variétés de légumes et vendent 1 € le sachet de semences (tout est 'bio' même si y a pas le label). Bonne continuation !