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Happiness is something we have desired to have in life,but frist i will like to tell my fellow steemians the key and sceret to happiness,we will all have to know the meaning of happiness.

Happiness is a feeling that comes over you when you know life has been good and wondeful to you,but you cant help but simile.
happiness is a sense of well being ,its a natural feelings that comes along with satisfication.most times we all think of things that will make us happy and focus on doing those things,i call happiness 'inner peace'.

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I will love you share you my few factors of happines,well i must say if you really want to live a life ofnhappiness and joy then you must stick to this factors of mine,these factors are.

Be friendly
Be compassionate
Be grateful.
Let have a break down.

Be friendly:
friendliness matters alot in terms of having a happy mind,some person are said to be the type of persons who never met a stranger.

Friendliness is all about offerings and sacrifies to all those people around you.we humans beings are socail like to help each other rather than been unintrested in the people that someday will be willing to help us.

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Be compassionate:
Be compassionate means be willing to sacrifies ,it comes along with happiness ,kindness,caring and willingness to each people ,it deals with a postive emotion that has to do with been DECENT.

Be grateful;
I must say been appreciative to life make you enjoy life more better,graefulness is a state of been satisfied with what life has to offer to you and i must say a peroson who is more grateful to life enjoys it have might have realised that happy people enjoy less stress in life,infacts in my opinion they live longer also.


In my conclusion Now i have shared a few tips of having a happy life ,i urge my fellow steemians to work towards having a happy life,and inner peace ,it comes along with this few facts.

Be friendly(meet the world)
Be grateful.
Be compassionate.


Be happy at all times regardless of what what it takes -just do it.


Yours faithfully

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