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RE: I'll Show You The One Thing You Need To Do To Never get Bitten By Cheetah Again!

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Good tips @simplymike. However, the Cheetah bot sometimes even upvotes posts that have a specific signature at the end of the post, which a lot of authors at the end of theirs, which I think should be addressed and corrected.


Even when you’re on the whitelist?
If you’re whitelisted and she does, you simply need to contact her devs on the Discord Channel and they’ll fix it.

NOTE: ask to be whitelisted begore you cross-post

This situation it’s been as a nightmare to me.
I began in this community one week ago, and i thought it was so simple as include links of the other site in Steemit and same for each other sites. But not. Cheetah beatten me for three times and i Think it has having a cost for me... :(
I will try to Reach that whitelist.
Thank you for your advises.

your are right dear.. @ebargains

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