We will always want the best for our children.

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The basis between parents and children is good communication that leads them to exchange ideas and feelings without inhibiting the presence of us, we all know that adolescence is the most difficult stage because all parents have lived it, Changes come and many of us for fear of their reactions we turn away and leave them alone in their formation and that is a serious mistake, it is there when they need us to talk to them without any pity, adapt yourself be their friend and if you have to speak at dawn do it, never tell them "I have spent all day here and now is that you are going to speak" then they will never ask you to listen to them, don't get distracted and pay attention, even if you don't believe it, they will notice it, turn off the TV, don't use the cell phone, concentrate on what they tell you and show them that their worries, however small, are also important, if they don't shut themselves up and seek help elsewhere, take advantage of any moment, It can be eating, playing, on a trip, tell him about experiences so that they are motivated and tell something, teach him discipline, guide him, teach him, correct his bad behaviors, teach him moral values so that he can learn to make good decisions and not make the same mistakes he may have made.

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We have noticed that discipline and values have disappeared from many homes, parents are afraid of damaging their self-esteem, but good parents set reasonable rules and teach them to obey them, children need clear limits to become balanced adults if they do not obey let them know that their actions have consequences, we know that obedience is conspicuous by its absence, if you succeed in obeying it but do not reward them so it will make discipline a little easier, values are the most beautiful thing we can have, If you are honest you will try to make your child be honest too, a person with values where he or she stands out is also hardworking, considerate, attentive, these are qualities that are easier to acquire as children, good manners are essential and important, it is difficult to see a child with a good morning, permission or perhaps from a position and if there is one we are all surprised as if he or she is not from this planet, now pay more attention on television and cell phone because that is fun but the teachings are a nuisance.

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