Watch out for that jealousy.

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I don't know whether to say that you don't want to be jealous, there are people who say that if there is no jealousy there is no importance, what do you say? there are jealousies that make you a detective, persecution and all, there are intermediate jealousies that don't come out of the same subject as if you greeted Maria in the park and that can last a year reminding you and the passive jealousy that you throw away whatever you catch and if you don't fish, nothing happens, for example your phone rings and they ask you who will it be? but always laughing.

Juan, a cellopath who didn't even caress his wife's hair in the comb that he trusted, he wasn't like that, but he was becoming like that little by little and even from work he retired to be aware of his beloved Raquel, she was working but that was a calvary, he called her every 5 minutes he was going to look for her, he wouldn't let her talk to anyone, if she arrived with some market bags the interrogation was until dawn from the office to the one who put the things in the bags, She had all her movements under control and she was a really impressive and strange thing, a passive and calm woman laughed at her husband's jealousy, when they always went out together like a spoiled child, Juan would end up being intense if they looked at her or if he saw something that was not normal for him, he was totally insecure about Raquel, at the parties he wouldn't let her share or dance and he wouldn't dance, she just had to see Juan's face and she already knew the state he was in.

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The love that Raquel had for him was so great that she was still firm with him but it was already slipping out of his hands, Juan was becoming a madman and that was affecting him so much that he didn't sleep, he was checking his phone at every moment, Raquel was helping him get better and taking him to therapy to recover and thanks to his beautiful wife Juan managed to improve and restore his life and even got a job, He learned to trust and value, he ran with luck but many others by their jealousy destroy their relationship and after they lose everything if they want to change or change at times and come back with jealousy Juan was so because in his youth was a womanizer and so many were the things that made him think that having Raquel she would do everything he did in his past and that is a very common mistake but could resume his happy life again.

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