Trusting in the wrong one

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Many people judge by just seeing faces, they draw conclusions and if you come from a neighborhood much more, some of them are low income but rich in humility and attention, Marcos had a company that sold raw materials for bakeries, he was very successful and wanted to find a person to be a street vendor and offer his merchandise, to take out orders from the office and take care of that part of the sales, put an ad in the newspaper and from the first moment called enough people but nobody went, one day early to open the meeting with David had brought him the resume to opt for the position, He came from the neighborhood and was very low income and supported his whole family with small jobs that came out but at this moment he did not have a permanent job, they make him come in and when Marcos arrives he sees him from top to bottom, his appearance did not like it and when he is interviewing him a young man arrives who says his name is Alex also with his resume in search of that same job, He arrived in a long sleeved shirt and even a tie was carrying, Marcos without asking him a single question just to see him well dressed said "this is the man", Marcos leaves David and goes to Alex, asks him some questions and David still waiting, after about 40 minutes he goes to Alex and Marcos goes back to David and says "and the post is the gentleman's, thank you for your time and apology".

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David, sad and a little upset about the way he was treated, starts to grumble and Marcos remembers that he needed a man to carry boxes but asks himself "what if he steals from me? It looks dangerous, well, I'll keep an eye on him, young man, I've got this job. With pleasure boss whatever with such a can work to bring something home, Marcos a little sorry says "ok I'll see you tomorrow", the next day start Alex from the office to the street and David in the warehouse so spent 15 days, each one in his own for Alex was an excellent treatment to David or a good day gave him, but this young man gradually gained the friendship of all his colleagues in the company, One day David had a headache and on his lunch hour he fell asleep in the warehouse and suddenly heard a noise and peeked through the shelves. It was Alex who did not have access to that area, something very strange was stealing, David stays open his mouth he didn't know what to do and looks for Mr. Marcos and tells him that he must be looking out for Alex. He laughs without believing anything, "ok boy like you say, please" he says laughing and leaves, but in his house he remembers what David said and the next day he gave him surveillance, the man who was the most reliable man because of his appearance, they follow him and catch him they realize that what that young man had told him is real and they immediately throw Alex out and the humble young man stayed and lasted, he was climbing positions, with hard work he gained the trust of the boss, became his right hand and then made him in charge of the company, sometimes we let ourselves be carried away by appearances, as I always say faces we see but hearts we don't know...

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