They couldn't handle his gossip.

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Maruja and Carmen julia, these two were characters, they knew the life of everyone in the building where they lived and what they didn't know they invented, they had their 3 shifts to go out and collect information morning, noon and night, They were the typical ladies with broomsticks and hair in their hands, they knew the time of departure and arrival of each owner and together they were stronger than an army of 200 men, they destroyed anything.

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In this building lived Mr. Carlos a man of about 40 years old, decent, full alert of his wife and children, from his house to work and vice versa, one day Mrs. Luisa, wife of Carlos, receives a call and has to go to the interior of the country with his children and leaves Carlos alone, something he didn't like but because it was something delicate he accepted it, to the days he has a brilliant idea of calling Carla his younger sister to stay these days of absence of his beloved wife so he could help him a little with the housework and Bobby took care of his dog, She accepts but they agree to meet because she didn't have keys, they get together and make a market of sweets when they arrive as a rare thing are Maru and Carmen like some fans standing up, they see Carlos arrive in his car that is parked and then they see a young girl much less than him, that was instantaneous "look at Mr. Carlos, so serious that he looked" Carlos innocent of what those women said was laughing and laughing with his sister and they were feeding on that.

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At once it was the gossip of the day "the boom", everyone who saw it was told "and you saw Carlos, he arrived with a kiss and kiss girlfriend" and others were told that he arrived fighting with his lover and a thousand versions of what they had supposedly seen and none of the real ones had monitored every move that Carlos made, After so much gossiping, it was that the gentleman had run to his wife with his children to stay with the young lover, this reaches the ears of Luisa's best friend and as every friend these do not keep secrets and called her and updated her tells her everything she had heard, Luisa destroys the first thing she does is call home and a woman answers her and she hangs up and goes like a volcano in eruption she calls Carlos but she doesn't let him talk alone she argues and argues and tells him everything and locks up, Carlos had a tremendous problem, the love of his life had left him, the gossip in the building was growing more and more every day and Luisa got everything from whatsapp, she decides to go home to get some suitcases and other things and looks for an hour when Carlos is working and when she arrives, do you know who they were? Maru and Carmen saying "poor Mrs. Luisa so good and this dog of a man what he did to her" Luisa climbs up expectantly just imagining that she could find there and further back she brooms in hand the strong neighbors.
Luisa arrives at the door of the apartment and listens to a not very loud sound, it was a music and a song that she hated while passing through, she bristled and grabbed more power and went getting like a hulk just as women get "hahahaha", She opens that door and Carla was washing the bathroom locked up and she doesn't notice Luisa walks around the whole house and doesn't see anyone else but the bathroom, she goes mad and kicks him and when she opens the door she sees a woman squatting down cleaning the toilet, pulls her back and realizes that she is her beloved sister-in-law, Luisa from the impact what she did was laughing and laughing and Carla without knowing anything innocent asked her, "what happened?” Luisa calls her husband and apologizes.

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I have not seen many women who accept their mistake and apologize, Luisa was an example, the women of the building making the fuss that Luisa had gotten the lover and had grabbed her by the hair, this is part of everyday life and sometimes gossip destroys relationships, more difficult is when the word of one is not worth, there is no way to defend yourself, no matter what you do, in the end it was discovered that it was a work and art of the languages of Maru and Carmen, Carlos' relationship was again the best and his wife preferred to believe in him than in someone else, these two jewels died over the years and remained in the memory as the gossips of the building.


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