In desperation.

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For no one it is a secret that we are living in a changing Venezuela and very different from that of the 90s or what many call the IV, right now changed with the issue of monetary reconversion, the minimum wage, the increase in VAT and I don't know if I'm short of you, the minimum wage was 3,000,000,000 (three million Bsf) now increased by approximately 5800% and it was located at 180.Many in their ignorance celebrate it and it is really inconceivable who supports this type of change, it is that they have already seen the changes and consequences that these measures have had on the country and it was the closure of countless companies, massive layoffs because they cannot cover the costs that this entails.

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The businessmen either throw the staff out or make them resign and one of those affected has been me, with more than 15 years working for the company they have decided to close and this was constituted more than 50 years ago, it is really very sad what we are living and getting a job at this moment is impossible because nobody wants to hire with the conditions in which this government put the companies, 10, 20 or even 100 businesses close every day, which means hundreds of families will run out of money, I think of the family, my children, those of us with living fathers, those with disabilities, medicines, how do you raise a newborn baby?, sincerely Maduro is sinking us deeper and deeper and I imagine him on the sofa of his room devising what the next idea will be to get everyone who does something for this country to finish going, we just have to trust in God, have faith and keep fighting for our land, thanks my people.

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Hola amigo Duque. Felicitaciones por tu post.
Mente positiva y mucha fe en Dios, Venezuela va a volver a ser libre.

Hola amigo @duque muy buen tema tiempo sin saber de ti ,saludos

Hola amigo @duque, le extrañamos en steemit. Son mis mejores deseos que se encuentren bien, gozando al menos de salud... Un fraternal abrazo lleno de bendiciones y prosperidad.

Hey mi Pana, como vas? últimamente estoy entrando poco porque estoy dedicado tiempo completo a mi trabajo de tesis, así que de vez en cuando aprovecho para publicar algo.
Abrazos mi Pana.

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