Deceived by his own blood.

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Juan was a very intelligent boy who, from a very early age, was very intelligent and showed his singing qualities. Not only did he write his own songs, but he was famous in the village, he made the place happy wherever he went. Many people had advised him to look for a professional singer, to record an album, but he only did it as a hobby, his job was to sing but not for profit, although later with his tips he considered that he was a good help to his parents who were dedicated to planting and did not receive much money, But Uncle Ignacio didn't see it that way, he wanted to make money as well as he could and he was always cheating people out of the sale of his crops and cattle and this he saw as a great opportunity to get rich, he didn't visit his brother, Juan's father, but when he heard what was said in the boy's village he went to see him and every time he frequented him more often and took things and toys to Juan to sweeten him, So little by little he gained the confidence and was taking Juan to sing in the squares, parties and other towns, they were doing so well that Ignacio was living on it and Juan just gave him anything, but over time Ignacio wanted more and was finding out how he could do to exploit the talent of his nephew, went to a radio station and took all the songs written, The people were delighted and asked him who wrote those good lyrics, "I myself and my nephew sings because I don't have a very good voice", said Ignacio shamelessly, "you are a poet sir, what beautiful lyrics" the men who worked there told him, Ignacio felt inflated with ego, the men on the radio did all the work and signed him here and there, they gave him some money to live more comfortably and with that they kept him quiet.

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Juan didn't even know what was happening to all these women, innocent the people of the radio got him to sing in one place or another, the uncle thought he was becoming a millionaire but it turns out that they were more ambitious and powerful and when they noticed that they were from the countryside they wanted to make fun of them, the uncle arrived everywhere elegant and wearing a new hat every day and on the other hand the people of the radio were offering these songs to a famous singer from Argentina, when showing them they did not hesitate to sing them they seemed fabulous, made the album in less than 3 months and became a success but did not know that these songs were the result of a plagiarism, Ignacio was given as a royalty but those who collected the most money were those of the label, Juan more never saw money or his great uncle and decided not to devote more to music, He began to study at the university and due to his high performance was granted a scholarship to study in Argentina his engineering career and from Venezuela he went to other lands, a little sad to leave his parents but with great faith that with this he was going to stop his parents from working.

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He had decided never to sing again but when he arrived in Argentina and saw so many squares and people dedicated to art and informal music in boulevards he wanted to take back part of what he did in his childhood, he began to play in squares, discos and restaurants in this last one he did it every day, he had two hours for himself there, one day Juan goes to sing in the restaurant and by chance there was the famous singer who years ago had given him the songs in a meeting, he listens to one song after another and another and the amazed one stops and congratulates him that good singer you are you learned them very well, Without knowing who this man was, Juan says to him, "When you write with your heart, the years may pass and you don't forget, I wrote these lyrics when I was a child, they are my own but I decided not to sing anymore because I couldn't help my family singing, I started to study and I came to this country to look for new horizons, I'm a farmer and when I was a boy I dedicated myself to singing and singing engineering study now", said Juan sincerely, Marc who was the singer's name, surprised by the story told, gave him his phone number and told him that he needed to talk to him and tell him something that he did not hesitate to call him so that they could see him.

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Marc decides to find out the truth about the origin of this material, calls the label and they don't tell him much, decides to travel and takes Juan from Argentina to Venezuela, when they arrive they go to the label and they deny everything and look for Ignacio, he did tell them that he went to the label and offered those songs that Juan had written but had never given him money, something that was a lie, they were looking for a lawyer and Juan had step by step all the songs written in an old notebook and videos that they had recorded in the village with him singing them apart from the testimonies of the people who had seen Juan grow up singing his beautiful songs in every corner of the village, and with this they sued the label for plagiarism and copyright thanks to the good person and help of Marc it could be solved, from then on his life was another copyright returned to him and could help his family as he always wanted and the exclusive singer was Mark, as these people there are many in the world pirate copied and take advantage of young talent to cheat, so we must be informed and register everything that is of our authorship.

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Buenas noche. Muy buen trabajo me encantó tu blog. Saludos desde Venezuela hasta luego.

Hola Duque, como estas?

Hola saluditos duque! estaba perdida gracias a la falta de electricidad, pero ya estoy de vuelta....jeje. feliz día

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