This Little drama about DRAMA is funny!

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Hey Everyone,

dRAMA from the DRAMA project here to bring you a fun little drama!

So, @a1-shroom-spores calls the drama bot on his own post! Which was in fact DRAMATIC, so I didn't care, but the conversation with him and @ecoinstant was hilarious.

In addition, @ecoinstant sent me some WEED, I've gone to STASH, errr STAKE it! :)




Abusing DRAMA tokens might bring more DRAMA here lol :D


Oh yeah, here i will send drama token some weedcash , you ebtter stake it so everyone who gets upvoted by drama gets weedcash or is that how it works @whatsup

Hah check this shit out

Oh shit @arcange the comment box Lacks Image upload damnit ... how can I show @whatsup the screenshot of ur new Im.using from my phone

This is still a drama.

All you gotta do is get some beer tokens from @detlev and you can be a drinkin, smokin, drama queen!!

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Don't encourage the little critter he already lost the majority of his teeth...and we all know that don't come from smoking pot.


Here you go

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Hey @sunlit7, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

LOL, I rarely drink, I am plastered already!

All the drama! When will people get it and just act right?!?!

When they learn how to use !dramatoken properly.

Because they didn’t have enough !BEER

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It totally sucks when the voices in your head don't have their own accounts. So. Annoying!

What are you talking about....the little critter IS a voice coming from someone's head!

Sure... but when you have multiple voices all arguing with each other... it just looks like you're arguing with yourself when you type it all out.

I think you've been hanging out on Steemit to long, seems the featured topic of the day was how to reduce the number of "Sybil" accounts running about, it would appear that the later half of your sentence qualifies that you may be suffering from a Sybilline disorder whereas you are confined to and understandable by only an enlightened inner circle.

You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

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Is that all you got for a Friday night?...

giphy (2).gif

I think you need to find some real spice, I hear Mike from Monsters Inc is looking for a date...


You have DRAMA!

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See, what our steemians do again, abuse!!!

seems kind of shady to me

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My life can be boring sometimes... i need a little drama to keep things interesting.

True of most of us.