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FRIENDS ARRIVED IT DAY. The statement made by admin at telegram will be filed at the end of this week.

Hello dear friends,

I would like to introduce you to the practice of "Berminal" which I have discovered today and started to use and experience. I would be very pleased if you give a comment. If you have a problem, please write here and try to work together. Thank you

What's the application?
Berminal is actually an application event that we have seen similar to before, crypto-money related articles, news, current stock market status, such as sharing a platform.

So tell us what we're doing.
Since the application is new, I do not think that something will be lost in my opinion.

How to register
Friends from the platform you are using primarily "Berminal" by typing and download the application "register" and fill our information. An important part of the area after selecting the code you have to put the number "0" per minute "Sms may come a little later press the buttons a few more times to come.

Pricing, how much are the fees?
The system is as follows:
1Berminal score = $ 0.05

If you register with the reference code: 100 Berminal points
-If you make a member by invitation or reference: 100 Berminal points
-Number of "Bill" and "Bear" makes 1 Berminal score (+, - means)
2Berminal points when you read the book and solve the question about the news correctly (without having to read directly with the keyword)
100Berminal points with code that you get from the pool at -Airrop
The sections I have mentioned are available in the image.

Come to links

My reference code (gives you 100puan = 5 $): 4e8c3ee3
"Redeem Tokens" in the "Me" section where you need to enter the codes
I didn't do much at the moment.

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