Impacts of Social Media on Relationship

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Facebook, Twitter and youtube plays a lot of impact in our day to day life. There is no doubt on that. How often does it impact on human relationship can be a debatable topic.

To my experience, I saw it has variety of responses. Some have little or no interest in facebook posts, while some of us build serious relationship over messenger. It also is interestingly diverse among different age groups. Young people take social media seriously and older ones tend to shy away giving a lot of importance to social media contents.

While we keep digging into what really a social media is, the landscape has changed a lot. For many Facebook is a business hub, some use it for sole business purpose too. Naturally we can say social media is no more just fun or connection. It involves serious money, business and purpose. But is it far reaching enough to impact human relationship?

Friendship can really be strengthen with the help of social media, it can go busted too. Businesses have the most useful ways to find their engagement with consumers. And at times, if its big enough can influence government, politics and their people.

Some say its rational not being personal in social media. But my point is without being personal social media era wouldnt exist. Let me explain a bit: if we dont love to show where we took our dinner, we wouldnt post in Facebook. If we didnt like a particular singer, we wouldnt like or follow them. And without these likings/bias facebook would have no advertisers. So, while it might be prudent to be a little careful being personal in Facebook, i believe thats where facebook wants us to be in: Being personal.

What do you think about the Impact of social media in our personal relationship ?
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I think there will be definitely some controversy. Facebook or messenger group some time give us information about classes, topics, lectures about different teachers for university or college students. But I found we use too little for the beneficiary things.Moreover, we waste our very important time for nothings. It's become a media to show their class, status or luxurious lifestyle. Again, there is some good things also happened in Facebook like blood collection in emergency, help for the needy people, or vital calamities. One group is growing their business in Facebook marketing, it's a good sign. But too much addicted in messenger is also responsible for students cutting bad results. So, decisions should be taken by us or by each individual that how can they use their social media.?
Will it be useful tool for themselves?, otherwise they will become the tools for social media and become part of their business tools by wasting time, money, energy etc.
Thank you @doctalk for your according to spirits of the age topics analysis

You are right. For the minor amount of usage that facebook has to offer, we can find easy alternatives with less trade offs. Community engagement, group discussions and news sharing isnt exclusive feature with facebook platform. With so many downside and so much at risk I think we can seriously consider alternate to it. Advertisement and business based on facebook is an adjunct to core strategy for most companies. So that will shift over time too. I hope you got my point.

Yeah. I definitely got you. Considering some recent incidence you are absolutely right. Main fact in Facebook is security loss. In recent time huge chaos was madenin twitter against Facebook activities. There was lot of noise & insecure activities about Facebook after confession from Mark Zukerburg. Though he apologized infront of thosusands media, there is little fracture in consumer's mind. Is it really safe place for my conservation information?
So, this is proper time to think over the next media to be safe with own accords. Advertisements largely depends on their consumer not with the medium. Branded Companies don't have any headache whether there medium will be Facebook or not !
They just want to spread their products in buzzing area. If any new social media got those buzzers or make their medai populated, then surely Mark has to think of his way of business. Otherwise Facebook will see no light in their market lacking of better lantern market policy.
What do you think about my opinion @doctalk bhai ?

My personal opinion about social media in both good and bad way. The matter of concern is how one use it and what is take home from it. This is not really expected from someone posting in Facebook that I am currently at Pizza Hut or Burger King. And the app itself encouraging people by giving that stupid facility to post this. On the other hand, we all have to acknowledge that, till date there is no real competitor of Facebook where so many people are linked in one platform. But the most concern is information preserved by them which provided by us without any condition and they can use it for any purpose. Hope decentralized platform like steemit will solve this but long way to go yet. Thanks for the nice and thoughtful article.

I am pretty confident facebook will itself decentralise. Mark and His team are smart people. But the magnitude of control over life, society and nation in general by any social media should not cross threshold.

Besides steemit I stay completely away from social media. In my opinion Instagram and Facebook are used by people just to seek attention.

Seeking attention is a good use case for businesses. Facebook and instagram are both products for businesses, not users. These are designed that way.

Though we are benefiting from the social media, but its harmful effects are spread over multi-dimensional. It is affecting our youth very seriously. Those who spend time more on social sites, in their personal lives, they creat a great distances with family! It is seen that they do not give time to the family at the end of the day. If we can not stop this depletion now, then we will not be able to prevent our youth from being completely lost in the abyss of darkness.

Facebook/social media can be addictive to anyone of any age. The young will suffer the most being the driver of the nation. Then again, countries like Bangladesh which lacks education and particularly internet education, will be the worst sufferer out of misuse.

Social media is now working as a means of quarrel with each other. These things are going on in Facebook. We should use positively in our social media.

All time Your article is very informative. thank you @doctalk

Facebook gives me entertainment for 5-7 minutes... YouTube is a learning place for me...

I am seriously considering to drop facebook forever.

Yes boss... right thinking. I think social media is 100% non personal and professional. There are too much violence, fake statement in these media due to only professionalism, it may be for earn money or achieve political or social benefits. Thanks for nice contribution for steemit friends

you are welcome. And as always we need speak out the true/lies beneath the operation.

@doctalk Steemit es sin duda la mejor red social que podemos encontrar

We are digitalized, Everyone uses Email rather than a letter. I don't like facebook. Social media influences everywhere- [politics, business, personal engagement}. Come forward in a professional manner.

yes, sir you are right, Social Media really impact our relationship. i like your post i up vote it.

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