when i grow up

in #busy3 years ago

if i was the president i would enact a tax law where you have don't get to have deductions taken from your paycheck, you have to pay in cash. see how people like the feeling of handing over their money. i think i heard that from adam carolla but whatever i'm adopting it as mine now.

i never interviewed with steemit. oh well. steem is ded anyway. the incentive system was never well thought out and the whole absurd upvote bot situation is just an outgrowth of that.

when i grow up i want to be a bitcoin.

i thought i had all these other interesting things to say but nothing else is coming to mind. oh well.


speaking of masternodes do you care to share your status on your nodes? did you get your stakenet node running?

no im running bulwark and gin nodes but stakenet is on the backburner for now, building giant and deviant nodes now.

thats good, did you see the 50% referral rewards for stakinglab?

yeah man i have 15 people referred, 4 of which are active. and it's basically pennies lol

are they helping you build up your masternodes?

masternodes are the way

If you're self employed in the UK at least, you DO have to pay in cash. Twice a year. Its a killer :-(