steem is so dead lol

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how many people actually still believe in it? it's DEDDDDD. Oh, it'll stick around for a while just because it had first mover advantage, but it's myspace, brah. It dead.

i used to want to be a writer, a professional writer. yes, i did. i wanted to write screenplays and novels.

now i hate writing. i can't even stand writing an email. i still read, if I can manage to find a good book, but that isn't often. books are so boring, mostly. if they are not fiction, then they are rarely insightful. malcolm gladwell is pretty good.

where was i going with this? oh yeah, i hate writing, so i guess i'll stop


how are you doing in terms of masternodes?

This market is really bad. I'm treading water, basically

Steem is super dead

I am mostly just smoking cannabis now and posting on Https://