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RE: What's Your Favorite Climate Change Study?

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Who funded the study? A most pertinent question. As Eisenhower warned, when the state monopolises the support of science, the state calls the shots.

There are 2 Irish scientists doing some interesting, self-funded work

Martin Armstrong (and his Socrates computer) is also an interesting, and I'd say unbiased, source of information both on the science itself and the likely effects of the climate change agenda on society and the world economy.


Martin Armstrong... LOL!! seriously?

Yes, seriously. I've been reading Martin's blog for years and find his forecasts amazingly accurate.

yeah... me, too.. I watch also his movie and met him in person.. what was his last prediction? total economic crash 4 years ago?world war 3? I might have missed something..
he might be an economist... that gives him credibility in economics.. but I was not aware that he is a climate scientist or wrote peer reviewed papers about climate change..
pi pi everywhere!

That has not been my experience. Over the years I have seen him correctly forecast anything from elections to earthquakes.
Are we not in the midst of an economic collapse? Are the world's governments not broke and engaged in an insane hunt for taxes? Don't we have negative interest rates, something never seen before, and pension funds turning to dust?

while I certainly agree with some of your observations I have to say also, that nothing Armstrong predicted is visible to me yet, especially not in regards to timing, and everyone betting on the financial markets using his predictions is probably broke by now...

No me m'dear, not me!

I think the fossil fuel lobby and countries depending on fossil fuel would have had enough money to invest into this research to prove the world otherwise. But, unfortunately, they couldn't.

I think you'll find that the majority of countries are dependent on fossil fuels and renewables don't even come close to providing sufficient energy. Good luck to all of us when the power grids start shutting down.
I don't believe that there is anything like the scientific consensus on anthropogenic global warming that we're led to believe. The research you refer to already exists but is discounted as it doesn't fit the narrative.

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