🌴 Mediterranean Crypto 🎬 Attention Video Creators: Viewly Roadmap & ICO announced!

in busy •  11 months ago

Have you heard about this exciting new video platform coming in 2018?

Roadmap Highlights


See the entire roadmap

Introduction video for creators

Watch the video below to get an overview of the Viewly project from a creator's perspective. The video also features a clip from @starkerz from promo-steem.

Viewly Website & Whitepaper

The Viewly website contains all the useful information you'll need if you want to know the details


Viewly is coming soon to a browser near you, so whether you're interested in taking part in the ICO or you're a video creator, join us on telegram at t.me/Viewly and get involved.

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I'm really amped for Viewly - Can't wait to start uploading videos @deimus


Thanks for all your hard work helping to get all the creators on board @pandamama!

Thank you for the post @deimus

This is really exciting! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for your support @offoodandart! It's going to be an exciting year.

Will definitely use this once it's up. First rapper on Viewly??? :D @deimus

really nice post...thanks for sharing✌✌✌