Awesome love story

in #busy3 years ago

There are many misunderstandings and quarrels between us?
Sometimes I am bored to you and you're close to me
Thousands make mistakes that I never expected from me
You also behave in a way that does not have to be very difficult to suffer
I am busy with what I am trying to hurt you inside
And your vacuum void my goodness
Sometimes I can not take care
For that, sorry
Our distance increases
There is anger and anger in one another which never gets released
Do you know why our relationship is so strong after all?
Because we love each other more than necessary, every moment
The distance between us does not come to the mind
Nobody can give trouble to anyone, because it is more difficult than it is
But good but I'm more than that
Never leave me
If I ever break my hands and feet, I do not get stuck
If we can not talk or get blind
Because then that love will insult the word