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I came to show that a new technique was made
Norimono which Heitsu takes care
Even though it is covered with mud and sweat
Even if you want scars or bruises
Still do not give up because I like it very much
I believe it should be possible skin and heart are shaking.

About bicycle eye
What is the charm that makes you crazy
Bicycle mysterious magic
LaLaLa a little disappointingLet's go to the top of that slope
I was invited and tried it I just gotta get out of breath
Where is this fun? That time I gave up

White flowers on the slope
Because it is a distance that it will reach
I squeezed my last strength bicycle The sky spreads
The sunset falls in the street you look down
Bicycle downhill slope I started playing it
It melts in the bicycle style around her smile's scenery
Magic of Bicycle Wonder as it is i want to go forever

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