A Walk In Larnaca Harbor

in busy •  5 months ago

A hub Between Two Worlds

There’s something magical about harbors I think, It’s more than just a transportation hub, it’s a hub that devides two different worlds. From the solid world to the liquid world.


The Ocean is like a blank page of possibilities. It can take you wherever you want to go.


I have never been on a real fishing boat in my life. But I read that it’s possible to go on fishing trips here and that it’s not too expensive.


All the food so far has been great and it has been mostly seafood. Cyprus is a rather dry place and I didn’t see much vegetation when o landed, so it’s clear that the ocea is an extremely important resource here !

Here is a photo of a seafood platter i ordered last time: A lot of different variety, much of what I never heard before!


If I go on a fishing trip I will be sure to make a video of it so I can share it with you guys !

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Very true sir, totally agree with your thoughts.

amazing photography…nice to look at

Lovely photography…thanks for sharing

Your beautiful photographs are motivating
me on voyage,sea foods, looking tasty.

How do you take such awesome clicks mate??
Teach me some tricks.
Keep clicking and sharing with us..


I’m no professional by any means, but I do play around with the subject and the position in the photo till I find a good composition

What a detail with the B&W Photo. Ocean can take u wherever you want to go, if u want to be taken! Happy Holidays!

Looks very delicious.

i am follow you @dandesign86


Looks like a beautiful evening walk, love the reflections in the first shot


Thanks bro ! It’s a lot to explore here for sure :)


@dandesign86 Ohh yeah its a wonderful place so much to see