conducting a research on corporal punishment ... i need your all help to sort out evil. just upvote if you love it

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i am going to conduct a research on the corporal punishment

as we know about millennium goals
we are not fallowing the rules and in mostly school teacher but student too much hardly thatch why some student
stop studying and some are going to disturbed physiologically and some are going to touchy cause of this
we i am trying to sort out this problem how it can be solve and how we can use alternative ways to remove it
this is my first research thats why i need your huge amount of upvote so i can spread that fully
here is my first questioner page hope you love it. my questionnair based on 3 pages just read it hope you love it

the first part is here you can see


this one is second page of my questioner


this one is second page of my questioner


i just want to know why peoples accessing corporal punishment and why the do that with students so help me to

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thanks for you kind help if you can please reteem it too because i need huge amount of upvote to promote my research


We know corporal punishment works as a crude tool but it should not be in the learning centers. I would say please research Immanuel Kant and also the principal of utilitarianism.

Corporal punishment is inherently flawed and even the so called "father" of the subject "re-kanted" well into his career to decide he had been wrong all along. It's a very interesting subject though, good luck with your research. Here's an upvote!

you should lodge a complaint against them

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