Travel Mindanao #5: Food Pics I made today! Enjoy Yum Yum!

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Hello friends! Ok so hehehehe got some eggs from our chickens here in the Fabulous Filipino "Hostel & Suites" beach resort we're building. Made breakfast. Showed some of the chefs how to make an omelet. It's a common egg folded meal with vegetables or meat and cheese inside it. The usual breakfast they make for me is poached eggs. Eggs in boiled water. It's a French breakfast but very popular in U.S. Being in a different country, some usual items I cook with are not available in Mindanao Philippines. Thank God corned beef is affordable and everywhere here in Philippines. 1 of my favorites growing up. But in America it has gotten very expensive. Plating (food presentation) is just a little hobby of mine I picked up from some friends in Japan. This is the breakfast I taught a local chef to make this morning for breakfast. Egg Omelet.

Chickens we get eggs from sometimes if they are available. When my parents "Hostel & Suites" Beach Resort become a reality someday, we'll be getting eggs from market Yipee! Until then, as we are struggling financially to accomplish our dreams. LOL.. Chickens for eggs.


Then took a walk/jogging exercise in the beach. Seen this fisherman. Thought, how cool gotta take a pic!

Our humble home on top of the hill from the beach land. Still have 2 bedrooms that are under construction. Things halted for a while due to emergency a death in the family last month. We're all still healing so it will take time for us to get our beach slippers back on to get back to our project on the beach. We are getting back up so fast with some kind folks that donated to help. Funerals are not cheap and well, time to move on forward and back to business.

Went to our local farmers market and had to take some pics of the fish they sell.

Then made lunch. Just a simple Tuna Salad with Sky Flakes. It's the common crackers Filipino's eat. This was cheddar flavored crackers.

OK time to head back upstairs from the beach walk and get back on the computer to my super slow internet. Trying to shop online is so frustrating but oh well. If you don't have patience for slow internet as of yet while Philippines is actively hurrying to speed up the internet to upgrade for the people in all the country, it's a great place for escaping the stresses from heavy burdens of city life. Beach touristing is definately the way to go! Thanks for stopping by to check out my photos of my cooking. HUGS!!!! Going BACK UP!

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