Fabulous Filipino #2: Thank you Japan!

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Besides my parents #1. President Duterte definately is the most Fabulous Filipino leader of all time! Very much hope to meet him with my parents some day. We welcome him to an open invitation whenever he wants to escape the stresses to our currently private beach resort still in development.

President Duterte so popular world wide, just 1 photo with him got the Japanese Emperor over 1.3M likes on FB and tremendous amounts of Trending social media so fast!

I love Japanese food. Thank you Japan with all the help to rebuild the parts of Mindanao and upgrade our transportation systems. OOOH hope they will open Sushi restaurants in my area. I have visited Japan twice. Love it! They are amazing people how they handled themselves after the Tsunami. Showing to the world how we should help and be kind and peaceful to each other after such disasters.

Japanese gratitude
COMMONSENSE By Marichu A. Villanueva (The Philippine Star)
ARTICLE ---->>> http://www.philstar.com/opinion/2017/11/03/1755095/japanese-gratitude

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Yes, he appears to be a great leader, and he has the support of an overwhelming majority of FIlipinos.

After his first year, how do you rate his performance? Has he made many improvements throughout the country, just as he did in Mindanao? I have a few friends from Mindanao / Davao, and they often spoke of the great things he did in Davao.

Let's hope he can do great things throughout the country. You and your fellow citizens deserve it.

By the way, regarding your comment about his "worldwide popularity," there are many in the west who do not like him. Some people even compare him to the fanatic leader Donald Trump.

But Trump is from the elite, the top 1%, and he will work for their benefit. Duterte is from the people, and he works for the benefit of the people.

More power to Duterte. (You should keep him in power for 12 years!!!!)


I agree, President Duterte is from the people, so his politics is more about the country and building blocks for the future generations to prosper and relief of the decades long of poverty. Giving hope to a nation that has long been awaiting for such advancements and upgrades to it's society. We are beyond grateful for such a wonderful human being to lead the national to prosper and liberate the oppressed.


"Beyond grateful..." you say. How beautiful.
May all the potential of the Filipinos be realized.