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Ok so I want to stick to the same theme on my page about Filipinos and Philippines. Thought, don't want to waste some pictures I had taken worked hard on graphic arts just using my iPhone making this artistic photo with spongy Lipstick. Hope you like my little hobby of phone graphic art work. Most days I don't wear makeup or dress up at all. Actually all my clothes right now fit in 1 suitcase. I was only able to bring 2 suitcases so lots of my belongings are with my daughter in US. Soooo, I'm sharing with you a photo of being a "FABULOUS FILIPINO!"

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hey there fellow Filipina ^_^


Hello! Kumasta? Hehe


ok naman ako, salamat.. musta naman ang steemit para syo? ok ba sya gamitin? ^_^

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Wow Thank you!!!!

beautiful, Thanks

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Ok following! Thank you!