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Now that SteemProjects.com is out and live, I figured that it would be great to have a tour of the coolest projects on the Steem blockchain.

Today, I'm going to give you the 5 things that I love the most about busy.org and why I'm moving all my Steem browsing activities there for now.

1 - Seamless Integration with D.Tube

busy steem app review.jpeg

Now that is really cool. D.Tube videos look pitiful on steemit.com and I would feel ashamed to share D.Tube videos from steemit.com to Facebook or Twitter...but now, you can watch D.Tube video directly from your busy.org newsfeed!

When it comes to videos, Busy.org is the most user friendly. The only thing missing I find is a "share to Facebook or Twitter" directly from the newsfeed. But hey, I won't complain...because it's already 200% better than what we get on steemit.com

2- Activity Feed with Filters

busy steem app review 2.jpeg

You want to see what's going on and all your notifications? There is a tab for that! Just browse to "Activity" and you will see everything that is going on. Too much? Well, Busy.org allows you to filter all those activities by types.

3- Draft Mode & Bookmarks

You started an article and you closed the browser by mistake? Don't worry, there is a tab for that! Some people complained that they lost their "article" on busy because of closing their browser by mistake. Which is not the case! It's just that Busy.org deals with it better than steemit.com does. Just go to "Draft" and you will see your article saved.

Secondly, bookmarks have been a request from the community right from the beginning of the creation of steemit.com yet never implemented. You found an article that you want to show people in the future or just want to keep as a reference? Bookmarks are there for that!

4- Voting Sliders For Everyone!

busy steem app review 3.jpeg

The voting slider on steemit.com is way to small and with my account, 1% can make a big difference. With Busy.org it's very easy to choose between different percentage and I don't need to go on a 3rd party website to know what my upvote is worth at different percentage.

5 - Invite Links

As you will see at the bottom of this article, I created a banner that I'm going to be put at the bottom of every single one of my posts in the future.

Why? Because, this article will live on forever and will be working day and night, inviting new people to sign up through my invite link. The invite link allow to onboard new users on Busy.org and get 10% of their rewards for 30 days!!!.

I would be crazy to not jump on that opportunity.


I'm completely sold to the idea of using busy.org rather than steemit. They have worked hard and it shows. I believe that if more people jump on board of busy.org to interact with the steem blockchain that it will send a clear signal to the Steemit Inc team to focus more on their flagship product. Competition is good! May the best front-end win!


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Holy cow. I remember seeing a little bit about Busy a few weeks ago, but was not aware of all the perks. Especially the dtube integration, because it just looks like trash when posted directly. I'll have to give it a shot, and see how it is better.. Especially for photos,since that's most of the content I look at.


I use busy.org about 70% of the time. It's been a bit buggy today so been back using steemit front end again.

The development and improvements should be done by steemit Inc are actually done by busy.org. I have not used busy.org yet but it seems very amazing app after knowing about its features . Thanks for review.

I didn't knew about the dtube integration directly on busy, that's cool.

I don't know if you read my message in your past article, but since busy doesn't have a night mode yet, that can be fixed using a chrome extension like dark reader, which is what I do so the screen doesn't hurt my eyes.

Busy have pretty much everything the steemit more info chrome extension provides but without the need to add said extension.

Also, is there a way to change the images size in busy?? so instead of looking like this:

busy look.jpg

It looks like this:

steemit look.jpg


We're on the same boat :)

Don't forget notifications!!!!! Everything is better on busy - I'm a hardcore fan! 👍

I don't know how this coincident thing happened! After you started discussing about BUSY.ORG I could see STEEMIT UI changes :D I like this look and feel of STEEMIT.COM but I will try BUSY.ORG due to your conclusion!


This is really helpful. You've inspired me to give Busy a second try. I had checked it out, but was so new to Steemit at that point that one UI was enough to learn at a time.

I finally got my vote slider recently, but as you say, it isn't that precise. And I've also had problems getting dtube videos to play here on Steemit. The referral link is another bonus. Yeah, definitely going to give it a go. Thanks again for the article.

That's an awesome facts to invite us to busy.org

Busy.org is really really stepping up their game i would say, and at a fast rate. It is a healthy competition against steemit.inc and i'm ready with popcorn to see what happens next.
I mean, voting sliders is the greatest desire of users with <500SP and now everyone can have it without using esteem or other 3rd party even 4th party apps.
The @dtube integration is also a highly commendable one. Now you can stream dtube videos directly from busy.org. I think Busy has totally bought. Imma get serious about making those customized busy.org shirts.

Maybe next time you post @cryptoctopus, i'll comment with a picture of the shirts, Maybe☺

Way to go Busy

The Steemit Pundit Speaks.

Waiting to see the shirts
Steemit pundit, like the sound of that
Following you

Yes i like how busy.org work every info you want is there who is upvote you the persons you upvote, upvote worth and upvote power...
And recently they develop a good update bar notification you can know who's mointed you on post or comment and you can know also who's followed you.

Excellent analysis of busy.org and i also like their steem and sbd live price chart because by viewing it we won't need to visit coinmarketcap every day and we stay updated regarding prices all the time and another thing which i like about busy is that they always telling us about interesting people's on steem blockchain and this feature make really easy for us to find new interested and like minded peoples on steem blockchain and no doubt browsing in busy is alot faster than steemit, i also planning to shift myself to busy.org, thanks for sharing you busy.org experience with us, Stay blessed


The video is not working

busy.org is the best website. It is best developed than steemit. I am using this website now as it is way more better than steemit.

Yeah, I was hoping that busy would bring something new to the blockchain, like the private messaging with a strict rules..

I am a minnow and also busy.org lover. Because Busy helps who shares his post on busy.

Busy.org definitely has the more appealing interface, the better post editor, and those nice "social" features that you mentioned in your post. However, I find it more difficult to navigate through busy, as it is harder to find tags that interest you and sort by "hot", "new", or "trending" (as in steemit). Additionally, it is more cumbersome to transfer funds on busy (or not even possible on mobile). But an advantage is that you can actually see the fund transfer memos on busy mobile, as opposed to steemit mobile.

Conclusions: It's a close race, but I find myself coming back to steemit.com each time I use busy.org for a while. None of these two really think of the end-user, though. Both should put some more serious effort into UX design (and finally release an App).

This is helpful. I've been fairly reluctant to make the switch so far--partially because I still feel like I'm figuring out how Steemit works--but your post really highlights some ways (the slider, for instance, and the integrated DTube) that the make user-friendly changes I've been hoping to see on Steemit. Thanks for the review.

Busy is good for voting too regarding people has less than 500 steem powers. As I know, ın oder to use upvote with percent you have to have more then 500 steem powers but you can do it by using busy even you don't have 500 SPs. You can set your voting percent in tab of settings in Busy as I said yesterday :)

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i looked into busy.org and i believe everything you said is true, if all steemians will use busy.org instead of steemit.com it will be worth for the developers too, the notification, upvote and the interface is really awesome..
update : checked Google play store glad to know its having an app too :D




oh no, i won't use this man, you saved me from a big trouble, thanks alot

appreciate your all post.
upvote and resteemit

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Well invitation thing is the best thing, notification system is what I love about Busy.org, the videos of Busy.org can be shared without feeling ashamed, bookmarks is the another thing, well I think Busy.org is better in all aspects than steem, the interface is also awesome.


not sure this is legit. Will have to check with @busy.org - So far THEY HAVENT ANNOUNCED IT. USE THIS APP AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Drala myeate kr upvote


Is this app legit? Does it take some % from your rewards?

I totally agree with your points. busy.org has really worked hard on their front-end. Dtube videos don't not redirect you to the dtube site before playing, good reader interface, nice markdown preview with word count, now I know about the vote slider. The interesting thing about this is that you get to see not only the percentage, but also the actual value you are giving. Very interesting!

The referral part is like the great twist to this platform. It is really going to attract more people to using it. Finally, as a minnow who doesn't get much upvotes, I appreciate the Upvote of 0.06% from busy.org when I use the website and use the busy tag. Everything points to the fact that busy.org is the trending gateway to steemit.

I've also considered for a while to switch to busy.org, the features are better and i really like that you can click images to expand them.

The only thing keeping me away from switching is that my eyes are really sensitive to white, so if they added a night mode, i may be completely swayed to switch.


Haha, my eyes are sensitive to white as well... Sucks to be this way! But I use f.lux on my PC so my screen brightness adjusts when the sun goes down.

@cryptoctopus, please I can't still find where to get my invite link. Where can I get it

My own list will definitely include the upvote given by Busy.org whenever one post through it


in settings



I share STEEM block chemically chained chemical drugs that distribute STEEM subdirectories to users who produce them. I am impatient but I am impatient, but since it is in closed stage, Busy has not been released yet. Busy maybe the design and user interface maintenance STEEM handicapped social media project tweak. The developer is unified and multi-functional. He brought it together. All details are detailed and beautifully designed, from drafts to follow ups, so you can put your Steam dollars in a way that puts them in the user's mind.

The social media in STEEM blockbusters now have more than 400,000 users, and about half of them are actively using platforms. And compared to other social media companies, they are not fighting each other but in solidarity. If the STEEM block succeeds and the ecosystem continues to evolve day by day, it is not even at the root of the internet to change the cryptocracy development approach. To generate profit and share profit. Just as Cryptom tried to do it.

The project is like this in general, but the STEEM eco system does not impose a single interface. Steemit is open to an open source project and support, and you can also connect to the STEEM block chain to create new projects. Busy is one of them. Busy, who is currently in beta and working on a new design, aims to introduce and spread everyday use such as facebook or twitter to a social media based on the intended STEEM block-chain. Busy, who is currently working on busy.org, defines themselves as "Our goal is to make a work that will use millions of people everyday and gather many features like popular social media in a convenient and clear interface." They say the developers of the project are cooperating at a certain level, even if this work is not rivaling Steemit.

I love Youtube but I think Dtube will be much larger and better as long as our steem blockchain improves. I hope to see more of these awesome tools and projects in the future.

@cryptoctopus - Seamless Integration with D.Tube it's a new experience to me... Busy.Org is moving out of traditional blogging space to social media apps like FB... Thank you for highlighting those fields Sir...


Busy.org is so cool. Amazing features. My most preferred out of the other steemit sites

I have been using busy.org since they announced it on this platform. It is user friendly and it also rewards people on the basis of total SP of your followers. Thanks for giving more insight details about busy.org . Good luck, stream on.

I didn't know about all the features that busy has. LETS GO TO BUSY buddy.
but we can't forget where we started ..


a very nice post @cryptoctopus, this is very useful for everyone and especially for myself. I also like posting articles on busy.org. I think busy.org is really good. What I like best from busy.org is that we can share the percent as we want at the time of our article rewards. We can arrange what we want, because we can choose to be Steempower all of our article results. Thanks for sharing ... :)

One thing steemit really lacks for me is the slider to adjust the amount because sometimes I Upvote for too much then take it off and take off the vote it’s jsut a hassle . I think you really are getting people to switch over

we need (y) transform into a thumb_up etc ;)
so we get: 👍

Excellent review, my friend and you are right, the busy.org has done a lot to advance in the lineup of Steem Blockchain sites and applications. Especially I liked the section "Drafts and bookmarks", as this is a very convenient way to post messages and it's unfortunate that there is no such section on the steemit.com and I personally also had problems with it. Also I will note the invitation links, it is very stimulating for the movement forward and of course the steemit.com team has something to think about improving their service! Thank you @cryptoctopus

You know, I share social media on the STEEM block-chain, which distributes the media tokens of the STEEM sub-series to the content-producing users. I am impatient but I am impatient, but Busy has not been released yet since it was closed, and as of November 2, he announced the v2 version. Busy is perhaps the best ambitious social media project on the STEEM block chain in terms of design and user interface. The developer team is a tremendous achievement and brings together many features in a compact format. All details from Stuff to User settings, drafts to follow-ups are thoughtfully designed and beautifully designed.

The social media in the STEEM block chain currently have more than 400,000 users, and about half of them are actively using platforms. And compared to other social media companies, they are not fighting each other but in solidarity. If the STEEM block chain succeeds and the ecosystem continues to evolve day by day, it is not even at the root of the internet to change this approach that is based on cryptocracy. A system that allows generators to earn for their content and share common values ​​with them. Just as Cryptom tried to do it.

Sir this is very good idea but I am new at steemit and try to understand more and more functions of steemit, although I am following you people as you all are my seniors and guiders so I will definetly follow you, this will new experience for me to work on busy.org ... thanks allot sir @cryptoctopus ...

Thanks for this post sharing.... i appreciate your all post.
upvote and resteemit

  ·  last year (edited)

As you have said in the previous post ...i used the busy.org ....i clearly could distict the difference between steemit website and busy.org ..the interface is great ...it does not hang at all. The voting slider at less steem power..it is lovely ... Plz make an app for the busy .org ....i am eagerly waiting for that...i wud be the one to use that app.....
Thabks for letting me know about this.....
And here i go downloading



  ·  last year (edited)

Oh hell ..... Dont tell me i am gonna be the unlucky enough to loose my account...

believe me man ,i don't have any reason now to stay on steemit.com
i am already fed up by steemit.com
i think it is time to move on!
busy.org i am comming

Voting Sliders For Everyone!
This can be a big advantage of busy.org

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I didn't know about it when I saw your last post. But I gave it a shot and it's miles better than steemit.com. you have already stated the reasons why.
One more I'd like to add is , the interface is much simpler and is very pleasing to the eye.

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes! I have been BUSY too

@cryptoctopus, my new website http://connect.mydarkflame.net has SteemConnect and Busy integrated; check out this must use tool for artists, entrepreneurs & theatre patrons.


All the features listed above plus a few others we are working on behind the scenes :D Thanks for posting about this. Steemit was only the first-- now we have Zappl, dTube, Utopian, dSound, Busy, dLive, dMania, MyDarkflameNet, and many more, all powered by the STEEM blockchain. This year so many more applications and businesses will be built on Steemit.


Welcome aboard everyone new! Lets build the world we want to live in.

We steemians are really lucky to have this cool project aided by the full blown support of steemit whales. Busy.org is a really interesting project with cool features as you even get rewards using the invite link. This will further aid the evangelising of steemit to more people.

One thing steemit really lacks for me is the slider to adjust the amount because sometimes I Upvote for too much then take it off and take off the vote it’s jsut a hassle . I think you really are getting people to switch over :D

Well good to read these 5 things in busy.org
I usef busy.org one month ago only one time and saw the upvote slider is really coil option for everyone but i didnot saw it completely and closed it and now in your post to hear more goot features in busy.org i also thinking to move on it completly
But one problem here to connect with steemconnect i am facing an issue that when i try to loggin with active key or private key there is showing the key is wrong
Can you tell me how to solve this issue can i loggin only with passord?

images (1).png This is a Great article !! Keep them coming.. check out my profile. Would love to hear from you !!

Oh wow, I honestly didn't realize how much customization and potential was in busy.org. Thanks for this post, I'm going to give this a proper look this evening when I get home.

I agree with each of your points. They’re the reasons that I love using busy.org as well while I’m on my laptop.

The upvotes and referrals are just an awesome bonus for using busy.org

Busy is good

I recently started on this network and Busy.org seems to me a very useful tool when making a post. The voting sliders tool is also very useful

Reading your previous post got me back to using Busy.org. The interface is engaging and pretty slick.

However there are some minor quibbles I have with Busy. I'v realized that videos played from the feed continue playing if you subsequently click into the post. And so there's a double audio thing going on when you do play the video the second time (after clicking into the post).

And ironically, I was reading this post on Busy, but when I scrolled down past the end of your post, the page just reloads and shows a blank screen. I think it only affects posts which have a very volume of comments. Anyone else facing these issues? @cryptoctopus

Sold! I had no idea man, but this pushed me to switch! Awesome intro, thanks dude!

@cryptoctopus one would think you're an ambassador for busy.org. But if you think of it, you're points do make sense and I feel the steemit site should be upgraded to accommodate these necessary features

I use busy.org too and as you said, is user friendly and what I like the most is that I can save my posts in drafts. Best wishes!

I totally agree that having Dtube integrated is so nice. I literally never click on Dtube posts when scrolling through Steemit just because it looks dumb and is too many steps to actually watch the video. I'm much more inclined to watch it when it's presented like on Busy.org!

One weird thing, I tried to read this post on Busy.org, and every time I would scroll to the bottom of the page there was an error and the post would disappear, replaced by a white screen. This may just be a glitch with my computer, though I tried it on my phone and it did the same thing. Not sure what it means, but just thought I'd let you know! I had to come to steemit in order to comment on the post.

I love the variety of steemit. There are several options that are adapted to each taste.

  ·  last year (edited)

After your yesterday’s post I too a look at busy.org and I really like the features which are definitely better and more advanced than on steemit. For example sign in is very easy, having multiple options with images, texts, invite link, that the slider bar on busy.org is much more advanced. There is one thing bothering me on busy.org, it’s that when I signed in and then signed out and the signed in again it automatically signed me in without requiring my password and that I have to use my password instead of posting or active key. It might be something I’m doing wrong, but it’s very important, the privacy. On Steemit I have always had a trouble with loading someone’s dtube video so I always have to wait, with busy.org it’s different, it’s much faster and better. And you are right the only thing missing is icons to share to Facebook or Twitter. Another huge and main reason I have an issue with Steemit is the notification which forced me to use Steemify. However since I don’t post much and my Steem power is still too low, I will stick with Steemit and Steemify notification for the time being. I will definitely consider switching to busy.org unless steemit will take an example of busy.org and advances all their flaws. Anyway it’s really sad for steemit not taking care of all this flaws especially when we know what they are and should not be that difficult to take care of it. I definitely recomend busy.org to everyone, everyone new or advanced, anyone who doesn’t have an option to use Steemify notification app or posts his own blogs...

today I want to share a little information to the master. Now we are doing socialization to the little people to help them, please help us to succeed our program. my media will send you a picture of those who starved.

@cryptoctopus busy.org also gives the option to make your signatute permanent. The user can upload any image or gif ftom the profile setting option. Once the signature is saved...the user is not required to put any signatute on their post. The signature automatically reflect. , once the post get published.

Something very useful tool...whic steemit lacks.


Yup, they are doing some awesome work in making their website more user friendly! I love their notification feature like we can keep a track of each and every activity we do on Steemit!

Very helpful information

I think Steemit will add the slider adjustment feature now that they know people want it.

How big is their cut of your post's reward? Again.

I equally miss the absence of link for sharing your content directly on facebook or twitter.just like you said. busy .org is really good on video. Thanks for other information you revealed to me that i am initially unaware of its existence on busy .org

great post @cryptoctopus, appreciate to your post.
please visit and my blog @arijuang if you have free time.
please vote and resstem if you like my post.

I have been using busy.org for quite a while now 😊

Ever since i started using busy.org two weeks ago, my articles' outlay look better and attract more readers than before on steemit.com. I agree with you @cryptoctopus.

i am recharge in this side busy.org this is valuable site
The @dtube integration is also a highly commendable one. Now you can stream dtube videos directly from busy.org. I think Busy has totally bought. Imma get serious about making those customized busy.org shirts.

Maybe next time you post @cryptoctopus, i'll comment with a picture of the shirts, Maybe☺

Way to go Busy

I always use busy.org for a number of reasons.
The feature i like most about busy.org is the draft mode setting...it has helped me a lot in saving time to rewrite an article from scratch.So when i have an idea,i write down and its saved,then i continue later.

The other feature you have omitted which works for many minnows is the busy.org upvote!!!!! Yes busy provides an upvote depending on the Steem Power of your followers,so if you have many whales following you(like in your case),you will be assured of a big upvote from busy.org

Will def check this out. I really need to start keeping up to date with what front end applications are out there. Cheers for this.

Yup, busy.org rocks. Best frontend by far.

These are my favorite features too! I just have a question about the referral bonus. Does that mean that you take away 10% of your referral's rewards for 30 days? Or Busy.org has some funds to reward the promoters coming from their (Busy.org) own pocket? Because it might not be too attractive for newcomers knowing that some of their rewards will go to the one who referred them.

Don't forget the nice feature of the busy tag for a free upvote from busy.org!

When you say, Busy.org allows us to filter activities under notifications, does it imply that one can set or determine what and what to receive notifications on? If yes, then I would say the Busy.org is the best user-friendly steemit interface and I should be taking advantage of it more. Thank you for sharing.

I also believe it's a great project and really cool to use with many inbuilt functions that steemit lacks itself.
But I found out that posting from busy or other websites(like dtube,dmania..) being a minnow or low-powered user is a loss when we can't get any extra votes than regular,or from their bots since they deduct certain percentage from our earning.
Busy used to reward smaller accounts before but these day it doesn't care to send even a small votes to the smaller users, this happened many times and I stopped posting from there.

About the voting slider....I got the slider on steemit.com once i reached 500 SP, but every time I vote from busy.org it just automatically goes for a 100%. Weird.

Is there any setting or something I need to modify first?

good information!

wow,,this is very informational and amazing post,,,thanks for sharing

I hope like eSteem, busy will also luch its android app version.

Busy.org has a better user interface. Those guys are working hard, i'm most excited about the notification panel.. I can see the things going on, on my blog

but busy.com is like something like steemit? or is inside steemit. I do not understand


It's just another interface - one that is better in any way. The content itself is still at steemit - only different UI

I have been using busy.org more often now since your last post about it. I also noticed that videos are more user friendly and I really like that!

Busy is great competition to Steemit! It's alredy really good as it is, but I'm sure it will get some nice updates in the future :)


Any idea why you have to log in using your active account instead of posting account?


Hmm, not entirely sure about that either. I was wondering why does it ask for active key if I'm only using it for posting stuff.

The only thing i still don't get used to on busy.org is the very small wide of the feed. I find it weird.
But the alert was one of the greatest addition busy had on the last few days.
Also, you forgot to mention two things:

1 - Busy gives you an upvote, once a day, based on your followers SP.
2 - the buttons to share any steemit article on facebook and twitter.

I like busy. They just need to improve the feed screen.

As it seems the updates are indeed great opf busy.org .I do liked the UI of busy.org before and now all the updates are way cool and I am indeed really excited now not have to visit other sites regarding info in Steemit will be little less for now.

I do like to be in Busy.org for now ;)

Busy.org is a really helpful idea and has many seamless feature. And its faster with my internet connections and you dont need to login to some apps to get notifications. Real fun activities
Thanks for supporting.

  ·  last year (edited)

Since the presence of busy.org more and more user steemit who also use the services of busy.org to share their interesting writings. However, it is also very much a user steemit, who have yet to find out about the busy.org and how to busy.org work to appreciate any postings which are posted via busy.org.
in a fair old, Busy.org has been experimenting with the mengupvote bot postings. This can be seen from the user steemit who post their articles at busy.org and use the tag (busy) then the bot automatically busy. org will upvote posting.
but lately the rarely get upvote from busy.org

Thank you for sharing this

You are most welcome .And The only thing keeping me away from switching is that my eyes are really sensitive to white, so if they added a night mode, i may be completely swayed to switch.

Excellent write up on Busy.org. Another reason to use this front end is that you may get a valuable upvote if you create a post and include busy as one of your tags. For new Steemians this is a big tip!

Thanks for the post @cryptoctopus.

Question for you about signing in. I see it uses steemconnect...why do I need to use active key to log into busy.org to post?

I know it is an approved application but posting using my active key is something I always thought was not a great idea.

Any insights on this?


I just made my first post using busy.org. It went off without a hitch. It might take a bit of getting use to but it is a great layout...really beautiful site. Compared to busy, steemit does look very drab.

I will play with it some more....I like supporting other applications.

Really? I have never used busy.org but with these cool features I can't let it pass me by

there are two more reasons i like busy.org. notification and readability. you've got various type of notification such as resteem, mention, comment etc. also, we can see content with pop up. you don't need to move back to check more feeds. thanks bust.org and @fabien

I just started using busy.org recently because i observed it had word count, but i didn't know about this other features.

Thank you @cryptoctopus for the break down.

me too. also that five things i love about busy.org. specially Draft Mode & Bookmarks its very important & helpful for us.

knowledgeable information bro. thanks for share.

Going to try busy.org when I get out from work. Visually it looks better than Steemit webiste. And the features sound amazing too.

great post @cryptoctopus.
upvote and resteem.

with this 5 features busy.org made a huge lead when comparing to steemit.com. specially integration with dtube is a big positive mark for busy.org. you explained it's features well. impressive idea to carry out this discussion @cryptoctopus

reteemed & upvoted