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These days there are so many committees and subcommittees no one knows what end is up. I suppose it is there way of not leaving anyone out making them all feel important. The bruised ego's need to be tossed out the window as while this is going on the country is falling deeper and deeper into a recession. The currency is dropping as investors run scared with all the uncertainty and no one is sure about what sort of outcome, if any will be reached.

Today some specialists who have worked on the constitution before basically said nothing needs to be amended for the land to be given away for free. The President on Monday said the opposite saying the constitution needs to be amended for everything to be legal. The problem with amending this now is that it effects other areas in the constitution that will have to be amended as well.

There seems to be so much meddling and spinning that no one knows what the other one is doing. It looks as though it is all about press time and 15 minutes of fame. Funny enough the one group who seems to be speaking the most sense and I need to re adjust my brain is the communist trade unionists. Here is a copy of their banner below.

I have no issues with most of it except the last one as it is too ambiguous and that would need explaining properly. Nothing is what it seems these days so trust is not a word that can be used with politicians at all.

If this is a stalling tactic until next year to hold onto power then what will happen in the meantime. The currency will go down the tubes and will look like a bit coin chart from January till now. Jobs are being lost as companies cut back and is doing nothing for confidence making it even more explosive. At least make a decision on State owned land and give it away pleasing your supporters for now and get through the next election. The chance of anyone taking the reigns from the ANC is so slim anyway as the people see them as getting rid of Apartheid and it would be a sin to vote for anyone else.

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I feel the ANC is too powerful and almost works like a dictatorship.


It is a dictatorship and if there was a chance of losing they will enforce intimidation. When there are strikes and people want to go to work they are threatened with violence. It is not healthy by having no opposition and they literally do what they want.

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Cannot change the constitution. One has to study to know this. lol

@cryptoandcoffee whats the breakdown in the races over there now? Is this gonna go full circle?


Hi @blanchy. ANC will win no matter what. It is like a religion and is seen as not right amongst the black population to not vote for them. When you have a huge section unemployed and uneducated they will believe anything. I heard the other day one of the guys at University complaining about the young black males saying they are disadvantaged. He is 19 and was born after the black government took power. There should be no color issues now but it is just an excuse to take more it seems.

howdy sir cryptoandcoffee! well sir..it doesn't look like there's much hope for the country at this time. Are the reports of farm attacks a regular thing or has that tapered at all?