Ethereum (Eth) may be the real rival against Bitcoin - Reddit Co-Founder

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"I'm very optimistic about Ethereum, just because people work there," said Alexis Ohanian, a social news aggregator, Reddit, who tells Ethereum who wants to be winners and who advises forget Bitcoin. who leads the crypto-list by market capitalization.
Now, the technical director works full time at - Initialized Capital, his venture capital firm, which in the past had bet on crypto-related companies and companies such as Coinbase Trading Platform. A bullish stance was demonstrated in an interview published May 1 by Fortune.

The main reason why Ohanian prefers Ethereum to Bitcoin is a flexible environment to develop applications that the first submits on the blockchain platform of the latter. Respectively, the technical director predicts that Ethereum will reach a price of $ 1,500 against the US dollar, which means that over 100% earns the current price of $ 740.00 on Thursday, May 3rd. It has been reported that Ohanian predicted that 1 ETH will be $ 15,000, but later it was attributed that he misrepresented.

As for the entrepreneur, technology that governments find an attraction, blockchain needs one or two years to reach its peak. He offered a bit like "how was it with artificial intelligence and machine learning" that was said about blockchain is "hype and BS".

To be able to create the highly anticipated Web 3.0, the next 12-24 months will bring the proper, vital and necessary infrastructure around the blockchain that will serve as a solid foundation for a different but better internet.


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