One-Minute Awareness Test. What's your score?

in #busy3 years ago

It's highly likely you've seen this clip before. It's an ad, which has been around for years.

It's worth sharing again, though, and if you haven't seen it yet, invest this one minute. It's pretty eye-opening.

If this is your first time seeing this - what did you think?


Yep....totally did not see the bear!

well apart from WTF damn bear situation (like wow, never saw this before) it also makes me reinforce my thinking i've had for years about multi phase video content --- that is, same video but for different people in different parts of their lives for different generations.

i truly believe that's why daily vlogs, youtube and anywhere you can subscribe and watch or listen to someone's 'life' we have these micro peers of content creators (as it's known) that people 'identify' with -- and that's the wonderful thing stepping through, the information relevancy will get even better over time as it understand our creative cycle and the recommendation engines will become valuable.

great video, thanks for sharing it -- have a lovely day in berlin, presume you have warm weather there too today?

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