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I thought busy's update would be good but I never expected this good!

I am still browsing trough, however I can already tell its awesome. I want to try out a few of their features before I make a detailed post but I just wanted to invite you to check out their site as I am sure you will be pleased.

They have a lot of neat features like:

  • Recommended Followers
  • Market Stats at your wallet page
  • News section
  • Custom upvote settings
  • A ton of GUI improvements!



You should also post on and use the tag #busy, this will automatically give you an upvote from their account

Checkout this post on and let me know what you think of it:

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Yep, I've seen their update, but I really love the new Steemit interface so I will stick with it for now, but it is good to have multiple interfaces of the same platform in case of a DDoS you can switch to another


True that!

ok thanks for your information, I am also on busy but I did not know about the tag busy , wish you a nice day, greetings Lena


Hey Lena, yeah I think that its a good marketing strategy on their part, would definately use busy to post for as long as they have that bot running!

P.S - You have a great blog!


Thanks for your compliment :) yeah I used it in my new post, thanks again! Wish you a good day, well in Germany we have 14:41 o clock :P

Did we lose the ability to star-fav your favorite #tags? That was my fav feature of busy, it made searching for my fav tags and users so easy.


Crap I didnt notice that, it was one of my favorite features too.


I do like the look and feel of busy so far. It's much cleaner... but the favs and the search are what seems to be different. Maybe it's in a different spot. But being able to search tags and mark as favs is awesome.. i don't think they should lose that. Fav followers are great also.

Why don’t they have a ‘Comments’ tab with the others on the left navigation panel?

Never mind. I asked on their post. Didn’t see it earlier.


Hey, what was their answer? I didnt notice that

Wow I didn't expected that much of changes from it :O This is amazing! Thank you very much for highlighting this!


Just missing the jump from English to Spanish,

the Spanish-speaking community is growing by leaps and bounds. thanks for sharing friend, good post.

Haven't tested it, i was afraid of using my private key, tough i think its safe now :)

I really love new and steemit new interfaces, because its very cool to eyes, very easy to working and find past post and followers easily.

Please visit my blog brother

here`s has various design. I would be glorious.

good post..i like it...thanks

One question:

Do you post/use busy exclusively or do you post on steemit too?

I also had an issue trying to post pics in my articles on that platform...maybe I need to work at it some more.

Thanks for the update.


I use both, seems to work better now so I will probably be posting on there to benefit from their upvote bot.

i liked more the old version :( and now looks too much like which i like (the website) but i don't like too see 2 websites with the same design

Update changed my attitude to this site. Now it's fast, easy and convenient!

Exactly I began to love Till now I used to post through esteem and steemit but now I want to post through, it's amazing. Thanks for sharing about it.

verry lovely post...thanks for sharing...