Busy vs Steemit: Speed Comparison

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I have been finding

Steemit.com / www.steemit.com
really slow lately, when casting votes the website may take a couple of seconds to respond. I have been using Busy.org as a faster alternative, but I wanted to check if this was just a perception of mine or if Busy was really faster, so I headed to tools.pingdom.com for a quick speed test



As you can see on the screenshots above Busy.org is almost 6 times faster than Steemit.com.

Steemit has been getting over 100k daily visitors per day lately, so its understandable that Busy, which has a lot less traffic, would be faster. For now I am happy to have different GUI alternatives to browse and interact with the Steem Blockchain, but in the future I hope Steemit.com improves their load and response times.

*Posted from busy.org

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I found out about it couple days ago when Steemit was down again and it's so much more reliable there

I'm going to attempt a test of the chainbb forum and see if that arena there is faster that steemit too.

Will check busy out

this is attractive post thanks to share

Both platforms use the same blockchain technology and both are in Beta. When you write in Steemit, your post automatically is published in Busy and vice versa. The two platforms are just different interfaces for the Steem blockchain. Busy is very new, so don’t get frustrated

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So, both of these websites do pretty much the same thing. The only difference is that one of them is faster than the other.
And the UI differences. But other than that same thing?

busy.org is cool

thanks info good

Personally I just discovered Busy.org and I prefer it than Steemit.com because of the interface but a mix between Steemit and Busy can be the perfect match

This puts things in perspective! Thanks. Im so used to steemit, although I do like the busy interface better.

Steemit is indeed getting slower. Hey thats a good problem to have?

It has been really awkward to use Steemit lately, 20-30% of the time the site doesn't register my vote or comment, so I have to refresh the page and try upvoting/commenting again. The thing is, I am used to Steemit's interface, but I'll have to give busy.org a go if is considerably faster at the moment.

Busy is not only fast but it comes with a style.

I think this shows one of the many strengths of blockchain based social media versus legacy social media. We can use the same underlying platform, in this case the steem blockchain, and yet interact on it with different interfaces. This will allow individuals to find the interface that they enjoy the best while also making attacks like the recent DDOS on steemit futile. Oh steemit is down today? No problem, I can hop on busy for the day.

It's always great to have options. Thanks for sharing this information though. I think when I have more of a chance I'll use busy more, but I'm sticking to esteem and steemit for the most part.

Thanks for the research and nice to see others don't love the load time too

Already I've expected this
Estimate is more confident

After steemit.com under attact by hackers, I start using busy.org, Thanks


Good results for busy you must try new desing busy buddy :) http://nd.busy.org pls @fabien ..

Will check out the busy.org but as for now it does seems ok to me till now ,i guess i am not giving enough thought on that .

Nice comparision. I think steemit has larger traffic volume that can also affect the site speed??
thanks for the article.