Skinny People are Easier to Kidnap.... Stay safe-eat Cheesecake!!!😜💜🍏

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Cheesecakes are one of my favorite desserts... They are so easy to make and there is no limit to improvise! Cheesecakes are sweet, tasty and very tender 20180125_020623.jpg

This time I would lkve to share a Mojito Cheesecake with you.... The taste of that amazing cake is sweet and a little sour because of lime juice and zest, after taste is minty and just delicious because of mint and Mojito...💜

I decorated it with dry lime slices and berries that I found near by the forest in the morning...


I hope that you liked my post.. Cincerelly Yours Passionated Chef🖤🍏

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Its so nice dear thanks for sharing i follow you hope you will share more keep it up


Thank you! Follow you back)


You welcome dear

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We need you in Australia😋🍰
I love raspberry cheesecakes


I used to work in Brisbane sugar) maybe soon again, you never know)) thank you for reply💜

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Guao! Hermano excelente se ve! me encantó, buenas fotos. Saludos!



Näyttääpä hyvältä, kuten aina ;)

у тебя всё так красиво, что жалко есть(( прелесть!


Спасибо Кармочка))😗🖤



Thats awesome!)

That looks delicious! I've never tried a mojito cheesecake before but I might look out for it now! My favorite kind of cheesecake to make is salted caramel with a chocolate cookie crust! So yummy ;) and for some odd reason I love to make cheesecakes in the mini versions...probably because they're easier than the large one. Happy baking ;)

very provocative the cheesecake. I want that recipe haha

Limes alone got me excited