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Win 3 SBD from me =21 USD



What you need to do to win 21 USD Dollars

1. Follow Upvote & Resteem
2. Guess what type of dish is this and what kind engredients I've used for it!?

3. Who will guess the closest, will WIN.

Cincerelly Yours... Passionated Chef...

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Moar like this!

Ice-cream with pistachio and some cognac, near black chocolate tube and cubes, mango , lemon,fresh mint and strawberry or red apple sweetness .
Delicious dessert!!
You are an artist of cooking!!!
Resteem and upvote!!!


Thanks for your guess my friend)

I think on top is: sour cream, vanilla sugar, condensed milk, cranberry in a pin, mint, lemon, chocolate, strawberry, melon on the side :) Just a guess.

It is dessert. Engredients must be choclate, milk, lemon, egg white, cream or double cream, mango or peach, mint, strawberry, white sugar and vanilla extract.
Chocolate base ice-cream ( it's look like lemon ice-cream a) serve with strawberry and chocolate souce, slice of lemon with mint top of it.
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Thank you for your guess))

Whiskey Sour.

To break it down, Lemon Sorbet with whiskey injection, on a dark chocolate nest.


Thank you for your quess)

3D printed chocolate top with lemon sorbet with lemon slice and dropper of raspberry concentrate. Wedges are mango and the sauce is raspberry balsamic reduction.


oh everything is balsamic to you


Thanks for your guess)

Its a dessert.
A Chocolate, top with lemon icecream filled with syrup


Thank you for the quess)

It is a dessert made from dark chocolate, lime sorbet with a slice of lime, raspberry sauce, mint and either melon or peach/nectarine on the side 🤤 looks delish!


Спасибо за попытку))

Виктор, прикольный ты конкурс придумал !
Думаю, что это мороженное с лимоном и мятой на вафельном стаканчике в шоколаде, а по краям джем (клубничный?) и ещё фрукты !


Спасибо Дима за попытку)

How exact am I supposed to guess?

It is a scoop of icecream (most likely lemon) on a chocolate-tube...filled with a red liquid (like strawberry?!?) and some mango, lemon and mint. The plate is chocolate as well as the cubes on the corners.

So, it's a dessert.


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The name I doubt I can guess, but the ingredients are vanilla ice cream on a cylinder of melted and shaped chocolate, garnished with a slice of orange, mint leaf and a tube with honey


Thank you for the guess)

Я думаю это лимонный сорбет)) и шоколад внизу)


Спасибо за попытку))