Resteem the link in this post for a chance to win!

in busy •  5 months ago

Making sure I have enough liquidity to pay out this contest. I will do bonus prizes if a lot of people end up participating!

Any resteems on the link below from valid users are greatly appreciated and make you eligible to be one of 10 people who will win 2 @steembasicincome shares, thank you!

And have a great weekend!

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Done the resteemed and hope that you'll got more delegation sp in the future..


Thank you!

Wow! You already raised 54k delegation .Keep up good work. Even I want to enter this contest but don't have any much sp. All I can do is resteem it which I did.

All the best!!


I think there has been a few thousand SP raised so far, the bot already had over 50k delegated. Thank you for the resteem, that still helps!

Resteemed and upvote.



done resteeming...

Done that. Keep on growing brother.
Wishing you all the best!

Have a beautiful day!

good luck...