@Bid.bot contest cancellation! :( Details inside.

in busy •  3 months ago


Unfortunately it seems after some speculation as to the continuation of the project, the bot is going to close down for now.

Comment here if you have any pitchforks ready for me and want to claim your week 5 prizes, I'm unsure of who continued their delegations and for how long, so if you could state the length of time and SP level you were delegating because of the contest I will attempt to compensate you for your efforts.

The bot owners had supplied enough liquidity to keep this contest going for quite some time so I'm quite sad to not see it all come to fruition. I'm sure the closure is not malicious in the least, the demand for a whitelisted service with such stringent quality requirements simply wasn't there yet.

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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The service shutdown is unfortunate. I didn't get to use it myself, but I had read good things about it and had thought it was a clever service. It was in my list of things to try out once I have more STEEM :P .

Are you OK my old friend?


Hah, I'm fine, just informing anyone who delegated to the bot of the changed circumstances.


Ok. Just checking. You just sounded a little forlorn thats all :-)


Haha thanks, and I hope you've been well!

It would really have been nice if it had worked.

I actually think the bidbot space is a terrible one to be in right now. Unless you're postpromoter or Smartsteem you're basically buying yourself a minimum-wage support job at best.



Agreed, only the million+ SP accounts generate curation/income.