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Isaac Newton was born on January 4, 1643, according to the modern calendar. His birthplace, Woolstorp Manor, in Lincolnshire. The Manor region is located in Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth. Even when Newton was born, the contemporary peepal calendar was not used in England. So his date of birth was registered as Christmas Day of 1642. He was born three months after his father Isaac's death. His father was an ordinary farmer in the village. During the birth, Newton's size was very small. His mother Hannah Eysakoff often used to say that the Newton of the smallbetts could be easily penetrated into a quart mug. At the age of three, his mother married another and lived with the new husband Reverend Barnabus Smith. Newton was not with her mother at the time. Under the supervision of grandmother Margarita Acekoff, she spent her days. Nutton could not choose his honest father. Her mother had a little bit of anger towards her that her mother married this man. Nixon released a list of the sins of his 19 years of age. From that list, he found evidence of his anger towards his mother. The list was written: "To warn my father and mother that I will burn their house".

Newton's primary education was completed at a small school adjacent to the school. At the age of 12, he was sent to Grantham's grammar school for study. There he lived in a pharmacy and seller's home. Newton was untouchable in this school, from which his talents were recognized. In the beginning, one boy was able to compete well with him, even though no one was with him. From the beginning of school life, Newton was most interested in making various instruments. At that age he made windmill, water-clock, kite and sun-dial. Besides, its important construction was a four-wheeled vehicle that could pull itself on ascending. Newton's dad father died in 1656. Then his mother came back to Ulster and brought him out of school. The purpose was to arrange future farming by teaching farmland in the house. But he soon realized that Newton had no interest in farm work. Newton's uncle was Rector of Burton Cologis. From this uncle's advice, he was sent from the family to study at Trinity College, Cambridge.

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Newton was a very impressive guy

this is ok, but you really need to spell check and grammer check your work before you click submit. As its still quite difficult to follow. though I upvoted you anyway. :) encouragement!