Rocket Steamer

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It is also known as rocket steamer. There are only a few pedal steamers on earth, four of which are in the naval route of Bangladesh.

Paddle steamer can be identified separately from Badamtali rocket gate. About one kilometer away from the embankment area, a man showed a paddle-steamer steamer.

By the time the anchoring of the port in the end, only four pedal steamers survive in Bangladesh.

There was one PS Mahsud in Badamtali Ghat, the other was Leopcha. In 1938, the Paddle Steamer named PS Mahasud was made at the Garden Rich Workshop in Calcutta.

Instead of the propeller for running or motion, there are two paddles on either side of the rocket steamer. A large pedal rotates on both sides of a very big diesel engine steamer. That is why it is called a pedal steamer.

Early in the steamer coal was used as fuel. Due to the decreasing circulation of coal engines around the world, diesel engines were added to these paddle steamers in the early eighties.

Padmel was seen on both sides of the steamer PS Mahusud at Patonto-3 in Badamtali Ghat of Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation.

The luxurious PS Mahsud has 12 classrooms in the first class and 10 classrooms in the second class with air-conditioned cabin. Each cabin has two beds. Own verandah with cabin

Steamer staff said that the first-class cabin of the pedal steamer mahasud is mostly held by bureaucrats and government officials. Occasionally tourists get the opportunity to visit them. But foreign tourists are holding the first class cabinets throughout the winter season.

The capacity of the PS Mahusud is 900 and the night is 600 passengers.

The first and second class tickets were sold from Motijheel and the third-class ticket was sold to Steamerie. The passengers in the third class have to sit on their own bed on the deck. This deck is very popular to low-income people. Because of that, renting less.

Rocket Steamer, under the guidance of Steamer's second master, Joynal Abedin. But another operated. He pointed out direction, where to go, where to turn, etc .. Here, three of them are always busy. Slow, Half, and Flowers - Paddle Steamer at three types of instructions.

At the top of the master room are two masters, two quarter masters, a pilot. Those who are involved in roping are called Liskar or crew, their number is 8. Besides, there are 1 supervisor, 2 people take the goods and take it. In all, 19 people in the Master section and 10 in the engine section. There are 50 passengers in all, including the staff boy, the canteen tea store, PS Mahusud.
Secondary Master Joynal Abedin told banglanews that the difference between pedal steamer with another steamer is that there is no way to remove air-air. It will survive in the storm. However, due to the old age of the body structure, maybe more speed can not be given. Runs at 12 to 13 nautical miles per hour.

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