Don't sulk for too long.

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So today, i woke up an angry man. Before I slept last night, i had a heated argument with my landlord, it wasn't a pleasant situation i must confess. I really do not like to have problems with elderly people especially against a person like my landlord.
2018-03-16 11.01.25.png

But i guess a person can't totally control his circumstances. Being who I am, the incident spoilt my mood. From a state of a little excitement, to a state of bitterness and negative thoughts. I didnt enjoy myself one bit.

I couldn't continue feeling this way. There's no time to be sad, dejected or feeling down. Being negative reproduces more negative thoughts which further leads to further destructive pattern. It's like a negative feedback loop.
2018-03-16 11.02.35.png

I have to move on. I had to switch up mood else my time will be wasted, my day would have been unproductive. Wasted!

"What to do?" I asked myself, first, there have to be a mental conviction. Immediately, i talked to a friend and he talked me out of dejection. With some will power, i got over it and did the things that were meant to be done.

Points of the story includes;
(1) No matter how much you try, you can't possibly please everyone.

(2) There'll surely be some unpleasant circumstance you have no control over. This shouldn't hinder your movements or activities. Don't Sulk for long. Move on with a life 2018-03-16 11.02.01.pngimmediately after the "downtime".

Thanks for your time.


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