OH NO! Verge Overtook US!!!!

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We're gonna lose, it closes in 52 mins!

Edit: my bad, it's pm, it closes in 12 Hours and 50 mins!

@mermaidvampire, @johndoer123 and all my followers:

Please vote -> http://contest.gonetcoins.com/

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Friend, i have voted, posted about it, and spread the word every single day. Im making a post now. I'm in the middle of america and we still have almost 13 hours of voting left. Plus, some votes may be removed remember. We won't TRULY know who wins until afterwards. Truthfully this should have been an easy win for us. I still really think we'll win. If our side of the pond votes like they have been during this part of the day, we should get another 1000 votes easily. Plus were only down by 100votes and we are closing the gap VERY quickly. I really think we'll be alright. ☺

The gap is going... going... going... gone! We're back in the lead, thanks for supporting it too! I'm hopeful and believe that we will win! 🤞

#.... WINNING 😁

40 votes now.