Busy v2.4 Release: New features that will make you love Busy.org

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One of our biggest updates so far! Notifications, IPFS, Search, Activity, etc.

To our new users, here’s a few links to posts that gives you an introduction to Busy, or our Busy v2 Beta Release note.

Updates And Thanks From The Busy.org Team!

Thank you to everyone that has contributed with their feedback, bug reports, and suggestions! Every single day we keep collecting input widely, continually improving Busy.org and making it more friendly to use. We are routinely impressed by how much our users help guide us in this process, so thanks to each and every one of you!

Over the past few months, we have had rich updates that have made Busy more friendly to existing and new users. Some updates include a better onboarding process for new users, more customization for your user profile, quick post creation, a referral program and we even integrated notifications for all manner of events!

Busy.org - Community Driven And Open Decision-Making Process

Meanwhile, our team is working on the Busy mid-long-term vision and strategy, with an open decision-making process that relies on the collective wisdom of the group.

Besides producing good decisions, one of the things we like best about the open process is the impact it has on the company culture. The open approach encourages interaction and discussion, and it creates a sense of community. People in the group feel like their opinions count, and they feel responsible to help make the right decisions. The open process encourages people to think about what is good for the organization, not just what is personally good for them, and this tends to produce a strong sense of alignment in the team. As many people and ideas are involved in the decision-making process as possible, and it uses a non-hierarchical approach where the answer will emerges from a discussion among the Busy Team and a selected group of informed people from the Steem/Busy community.

This is exactly our goal for the Busy organization - consensus on decision making. Our team can maintain efficiency by finding ways to gather input quickly, such as quick polls on our Busy Discord server. Deadlocks can be broken quickly (by our founders @fabien or @ekitcho) if consensus doesn't emerge immediately after discussion.
We’re very close to getting aligned on a broad, long-term vision and ambitious plan for Busy!

We’ve already seen a significant impact from our updates over the course of the past few months. The feedback that we have gotten so far has come with abundant praise. Thanks again to all our users. Based on our analytics, we have found our users to be very active, this has been both rewarding and motivational for us to continue to deliver the best user experience.

Work continues to make Busy more user-friendly, and we are moving faster than ever to do so. During the past few months, changes on this front include the ability to create a Quick Post, a better Onboarding Experience for new users, a Referral Program, Social Profiles, Image hosting with IPFS and Notifications for all users. Impact from these updates is readily apparent, and we appreciate and value your feedback along the way.

Here are some of the main features we been working on in the past few months:

Busy Image-Hosting Using IPFS

In the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, decentralization is key. We decided to switch on our own distributed image hosting solution. It aims to be an alternative to our previous image hosting which was centralized and costly (Cloudinary).

It is based on IPFS - the InterPlanetary File System (same technology implemented on d.Tube, thanks @heimindanger for the support!) . It runs on the concept of peer to peer connections, which means that instead of hosting the information in a single location, our servers (Busy nodes), the data can be stored by everyone who wants to. When a picture is added on IPFS, it is given a hash: a 46 characters long digital fingerprint. No other file will have the same and if the same file is added twice then their hashes will be exactly the same (so it also removes duplicate!), it also means the picture can still be found on the network simply by knowing the hash, even if the app is down. You can find the hash at the end of a picture URL, just like below.


Now uploaded images on busy.org are stored on IPFS. It's more decentralised, reliable and cheaper than what we used previously.



You asked for them, and now they are here! Our most long-awaited and requested community feature has arrived - notifications have come to Busy!

Busy will now notify you all relevant activity or operations related to your account:
Reply, follow, mention, reblog, transfer, witness vote, downvote.


Also you have now Instant Notifications on the busy interface

Referral System

Busy now allows you to earn rewards by inviting your friends into the Busy ecosystem.
Sending your referral link (http://busy.org/i/@your-username) will grant you 10% of the rewards of the new member for a period of 30 days. You can find your referral link on this page if you already logged on: https://busy.org/invite.


Market Price Widget

On the right side of your wallet page, the market prices are shown for STEEM and SBD, you can refresh them with a simple click. Clicking on the down arrow will display a graph that breaks down the prices for the last seven days. Visit a post or feed about another cryptocurrency and the market price widget will appear.


“Follows You” Indicator

When you visit a user’s profile, you will quickly know if that user is following you.
Next to their username, the text “Follows you” will appear when that specific user is one of your followers.


Edit Your Profile With Social Profiles

When you navigate to your edit profile page (https://busy.org/edit-profile), you will be able to add your (other) social network links, so your followers may visit them.

Right To Left Layout Alignment

You may now choose to write from right to left, when your language requires it. Languages supported now include: Arabic, Aramaic, Azeri, Dhivehi, Hebrew, Kurdish, Persian, Urdu


Rewrite Links

If you wish you can toggle the option "Rewrite links" in your profile settings to rewrite steemit.com link to busy.org and continue your browsing in busy.

New DTube Player

You can now use the new DTube player within Busy. Navigate to a post or feed that has a post which includes DTube links, and you’ll be able to see the new player.

Vote Value & Voting Power Indicator In Profile

At the bottom left of your profile page, you will find both the value of your next vote and your current voting power. You can also navigate to another user’s profile page to view the value of their vote and their current voting power.


Quick Post

Quick posts are regular posts with one tag (current feed tag or #busy tag), a title and only images as content. When you create a quick post from a feed like "photography", the tag used will be "photography".

More Post Data

Surfing Busy, you’ll notice under the author username, after the post age, the application used to post each article. You will also be able to see the word count and approximate reading time of a post at the bottom of the Busy editor


Search For Users Or Posts

We have improved the search function with autocomplete using Steemd API. Search results are generated using AskSteem API.

Use Busy Beta In Settings

From now on, if you decide to use our staging site, you will see all our new features before others and can even help in bug hunting.

Activity Page With Filters

In the Activity page you can now filter through a user’s activities. We have selected the most common fields to filter by. Let us know if you want more filters added!


Recommended Posts

While viewing a post, you’ll be able to see previews of posts on the right sidebar that are relevant to the current author or subject matter.

Post Modal

Back by popular demand, we have brought back the post modal for displaying our posts. On the right hand side of the post modal, you’ll see action buttons to go to the full page post or share your post on Twitter/Facebook.

Custom Signature

When you edit your profile you can now add a custom markdown signature as well. This signature will be stored on your account public profile (in the json_metadata field) and will be visible in the bottom of all your posts on busy.org.

“Let’s Get Started!” (Easy Onboarding)

Start earning rewards today! By completing these 4 steps, you’ll be able to advance on with your journey through the Steem ecosystem.


Thank you for all donors and support who made this project possible:

@steemit, @smooth, @jamesc, @cass, @bhuz, @twinner, @liondani, @donkeypong, @furion, @steemship, @theprophet0, @pfunk, @deanliu, @teamsteem, @hanshotfirst, @exyle, @fulltimegeek, @shortcut, @hql2016, @sweetsssj, @craig-grant, @beers, @shaka, @andu, @ourlifestory, @delegate.lafona, @joshbreslauer, @aizensou, @rubenalexander, @roelandp, @stellabelle, @pnc, @lukestokes, @pharesim, @buzzbeergeek, @timcliff, @tibonova, @gamer00, @elmetro, @surpassinggoogle, @marionjoe, @jgr33nwood, @theghost1980, @mrblu, @vortac,

Contributors: @lexiconical, @kennybll, @yamadapc, @hernandev, @moisesmcardona, @kirkins, @espoem, caleblogan, KrallXZ.

Our apologies to anyone who may have been omitted, we love you!

If you have any suggestions/feature request feel free to visit our Discord (https://discord.gg/fuuGNJS)


You like what we do, support us!

Vote for @busy.witness using this SteemConnect link



I'd like to have busy return correspondence. They have a block of text while posting that says they will provide a "like" for people who use "busy" as a tag.
Have not seen any evidence of them complying with their statement.

How you I can get it?

I thought more of a bandwidth broadband marketplace - something like Privatix wants to do, but here it would be intern service. Mostly for those who have steem blockchain bandwidth problem or (maybe I am looking more into the future now) we can share our broadband to enable others who can not do that - to use steem

10% of the rewards of the new member for a period of 30 days.

Most people joining will not make an impact in the 30 first days. It is too short time to make an earning, 365+ days and we have a better starting point. http://1broker.eu offers lifetime referal rewards and they been in biz since 2012.

Please make a better offer. It cost money to bring people to your front end, and 30 days are nothing.

PS: Referal programs are decentralized marketing.

i can again

we also need to focus on fixing the huge delay new accounts being made before a decent referral program is introduced i think!

I think so too... These things take time

the way all fingers are not equal is the same thing applied when it comes to luck.... but i still like your opinion

I can not agree more .

good website

Hi @fyrstikken, That's true and for the same reason, majority quit. I've been helping a brand new minnow and it's been almost a month now. The reputation score is 46 but the earnings are small. It's a long route, I fully understand and have been conveying this to the minnow over and over again.

Anyway I love how all the platforms around Steem are growing! :)

I agree with @noisy, i don't agree with your comment. Steemit / busy doesn't need a referral program

Nice observation but if the are showed how to go about it, the will make an impact.

I agreed with your comment

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I exposed @berniesanders for what he really is in my posts.

Just take a look at any of my posts (which I HAD to spam constantly to drain his VP and also to get the exposure I needed) and you can see just how far the abuse goes by @berniesanders.

He even got lazy at one point in making alternate accounts to abuse with and made "nextgen-InsertNumberHere-" accounts!

Please, do your due dilligence and check out, not only my posts, but his steemd track record on upvotes/downvotes. He's got many many more accounts than just the ones I've found, I'm sure, but those were only the ones that I could PROVE were his beyond a shadow of a doubt (based on voting/downvoting patterns, delegations, transactions, etc!)!

The real abuser here is the one who cries "ABUSE!!" the most, it is, none other than the inbred, cousin-fucker, that is, @berniesanders! :))

Here's a link to one of my latest posts, showing @berniesanders' alternate account list! I believe it's STILL growing.. which is sad.. He truly is a sociopathic dipshit! Let's take this fucking piece of shit out, together! :)


@busy.org i did not even login on busy.org is it safe for use it are our private keys remain safe and confidential ?

If you saw that I down voted your comment. It was a mistake but I have made correction. Thanks

The first thing I love about busy.org is that I can be updated of the Market price, it's convenient. The Voting Power and Vote Value is also really helpful, I don't have to open another link to check these things. Well, this isn't new but I the more I use this site the more I appreciate how it helps me navigate efficiently.

Right after I posted my blog today, I noticed some pop-ups on the left screen of my lappy and I was excited to see the comments, pop-up comments, the new followers... amazing! wahhh this is really exciting!

and oh now I didn't realise that I can sort the comments from the best, newest, oldest, and the reputation, cool!

I love all the new updates! I have to explore these new features. Thanks a lot for all the hard work you guys put into. Will share this update to my steemian friends.

More power!

As you may know I never use @utopian-io to upvote anything else than contributions submitted in Utopian.io. I have to say the value you are bringing to the STEEM blockchain and to Utopian.io (which is a fork of Busy.org) is immense and I am glad to give you the first 100% Utopian upvote in a while. Enjoy.

thank you very much for your support! Really appreciate and hope it will help Utopian as well

Perfect 👌! Here I am doing the same as you. You inspired me! And you are absolutely bright in every evaluated word you mentioned about busy.org

busy.org is very interesting to develop steemit.com


Thank you, @elear.
You speak for the whole community!

I am glad to give you the first 100% Utopian upvote in a while. Enjoy.

A well-deserved upvote, indeed. I hope that other whales and project managers would follow your lead too. Supporting busy.org benefits us all. Busy.org is doing a fantastic job in improving the front end. I have switched to busy.org for some time, and I am more than satisfied.

BTW, I have just voted for @busy.witness as a witness, and I invite everyone to do the same.

Can steemit.com switch to the busy UI also ? :)

Just want to say you got a cool domain name.. there.. Busy.org

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I am very happy to see these updates because many of us may be able to use Steem on busy.org now without ever needing to visit steemit.com! Rewriting links, built in prices, the dtube player, just wow!

Thank you to the busy team for all that you do to build the Steem blockchain and give us an amazing alternative to steemit.com to browse our blockchain!


Well ! So I am waiting for another amazing educational video by the talented teacher @jerrybanfield about @busy.org ...... waaaaaaaaiting , huh lol

And Busy might be better than Steemit, mostly because of Dtube player feature. But hope that motivates Steemit and others to try to compete more too and that is good like Apple versus Microsoft. Hope Steemit can step up their game. I'm still using Steemit, mostly, but may reconsider in a few months or maybe sooner if Busy continues to improve faster than Steemit.

HAVE TO LOVE the tube player embedded!

I already love Busy and am stoked to see continued innovation and progress!

Thank you for your support!

I am happy to and its easy to support what is the most functional app on the Steem Blockchain!

Thank you for what you do and keep up the constant evolution!

∞§∞Full Steem Ahead∞§∞

I thought I would never see notifications on any steem frontend.
and here they are!

Thanks, busy, thanks a lot!

Yep .. finally .. here we go 😘

Good work with the Busy Dtube Player feature. Love it.

Why dont you sleep for more upvoting power @busy.org ?

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