Busy at SteemFest 3, Krakow! New Identity, Busy 3 Demo, Tshirts & Bags

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Two months after the previous announcement, we worked hard on the Busy v3 platform and the new strategy, the Busy Team will be at Krakow, Steemfest with nice surprises!


Come meet us at Steemfest and discover our new branding/identity for Busy v3, the Next-Gen Social And Communication Network, And Open Platform Of dApps!
Available soon on Mobile (iOS, Android), Web, and Desktop.

This will be your new gateway to the decentralized world and the whole Steem Ecosystem. Plus EOS, Ethereum, Bitcoin, ...


The Busy Team will be present at SteemFest 3 Krakow! @steemfest
The almost full team has confirmed

  • @ekitcho Christopher our Founder and CEO
  • @victordoan our new COO
  • Danni Liu our new PR and Board member
  • @jm90mm Jm our CTO, Lead Dev and mobile developer
  • @sekhmet Wiktor our CTO, web & SDK developer
  • Andras, our Lead Designer
  • Andréa, our Community Manager

It will be a great pleasure to present our new team (merging with @skitbay team) and incoming version of Busy at the dApps Booth of Steemfest (Conference day 1 & 2)
Introducing our vision, branding and strategy for 2019. It will include a nice demo of our working Proof-of-Concept, toward an open MVP version in Q1 2019 and our tokenization.



Come to meet us at SteemFest and get your Free Busy Tshirt (size S/M/L), and your Tote Bag.
We have limited edition (50pcs) of High-quality printed Tshirts (Silk Screen printing) and Tote bags with the new Busy design. First-come, First-served!


These Tshirts are produced by Drips Serigraphie, a local french craftsman and printer, who will run a shop selling his services on the Busy Platform and Marketplace! You will be able to order printing services to create your customized clothes and pay with STEEM and other cryptocurrencies.

You can get yours at the Qubus Hotel Reception Wednesday afternoon. Some might also be available at the dApps Booth during the Conference event.
For those who can not attend the Event and still want one, you will be able to get one in our Busy Marketplace demo, in a few weeks. Be patient!


If you are interested to collaborate and integrate your app in the Busy Platform, don't hesitate to come find us during the event! New or existing projects
@fundition @steemmonsters @fundition @musing @dtube & more!
Integrate your app in our Open Platform of dApps (Busy v3). Come discuss all the possibilities of our All-in-one Platform and benefit of our SDK solution.

We are now also on Facebook & Twitter, Follow us to give some support and get our latest updates.
Facebook: image.png
Twitter: image.png


love busy!

I love teh new busy logo, just had to come report a bug to @steemconnect @busy.org devs

Got a windows defender warning when trying to install new preleease of steemconnect desktop app :D

Wait till you see the new Busy. It will not only be powered by Steem, but also support EOS Dapps and others. I love the Drips Serigraphie craftsman. Will not be attending SteemFest thus year, gearing up to EOS SF Hackethon Week. Best luck to @ekitcho and the @busy.org team.

Busy marketplace? Should you have given out a spoiler alert before mentioning that ? lol Good luckmat Steemfest and onwards and upwards with your development :-)

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was mentioned on our first post 2 years ago! ;)
thanks for your support


ads marketplace would be cool :) where users can create them (just link/small img) and content creators can embed them into their posts :)

Lol awwwwwww ok, I wasn't here 2 years ago lol....I will however go back and have a read! Great design work by the way, Im glad printing has moved on since my days of offset litho though ;-)

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a marketplace is such a good idea specially to those people that wanted to share their project..

Let the people know about this marketplace

Bravo à toute l'équipe Busy d'avoir respecté à la ligne ce qui a été annoncée dès le départ. C'est une sans faute de votre part. Merci déjà pour la plateforme qui existe et bon courage pour la plateforme à venir.

Glad to see Busy is always on the road with app integration !
I've created steemactivites.com with vue-js but honestly, it's pretty hard to create a new front end from scratch. I would like to integrate a strava connector in the next busy. I would like to discuss about integrate steemactivites in busy.
Thx !

We can discuss about it for sure, thanks for your support

Exciting news. I am looking forward to hearing the news from the team in Krakow. The t-shirts look amazing with the new logo. Sadly, I can't be there on Wednesday.

I love those t-shirts! I wish I could be there to pick up one, and meet the developers of my favorite Steem interface. Have fun and enjoy yourself :)

Ahh, man! I want a busy shirt!

The branding looks slick :)

By the way - would it be possible to add small post preview view - like on steemit. The only things that keeps me from using busy is that big square post preview in the posts list view - it just takes too much time/scrolling to see all the new posts :)

@cardboard @tamiil
we plan to add different layout/post preview during 2019, but now that Busy is becoming an Open Platform of Apps, any new idea can be easily developed and integrated to the platform to offer extra features to the Busy users. You will see many new features on Busy that will not be developed by us, in the form of 3rd parties app.

Cool, thank you for the answer :)

I would like to see different preview designs implemented as well. So you can customise the layout to your liking. This is probably the one thing that annoys me about busy atm. Those post boxes are too large for my tastes. :P

The different layout would be so handy!Thanks for bringing it up! :)

Nice new logo guys :) See you in the next days!

Awesome! Looking forward to meeting everyone. Snagging one of those shirts as well!

Crazy amazing to say the least 😎🙌🏻

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👍👍👍, das ist doch gute Neuigkeiten

Wow nice! the logo is really beautiful on the t-shirts!

I sure love the logo too!!!

Shut the front door...this is how you do an appearance at the SF Grrrr so upset I won't be there to see it all first hand. But excited to get my hands on the app 🙂❤️

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Lot of good news and great features. Thank you for the hard work guyz. I will not be present in Krakow so I will wait to have my tshirt...

Cant wait for the android app... Im sure that it will be the best app in STEEM ecosystem! :))

Imagine a busy marketplace where they'd sell iPhones, I can imagine but can the busy team do? that's a question you find out on the next episode of dragon bal-

Bravo à toute votre équipe, je sens que vous allez encore repousser vos propres limites.
Amusez vous bien si je vous croise pas d'ici là ;)

Félicitations @busy.org pour votre beau travail!

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I'm ready for that app!! The new logo looks amazing., and I need that ecoBag!!!

I wish we could have something like Medium rather than a Steem Twitter

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wooohh...@busy.org is rocking on steemfest 3 i love that shirt the art is cool the blend of colour are perfect..

wish i can have one of that shirt!

Take down the "s" in busy and you can have that shirt.


been waiting for the mobile app version ! finally =)

Whats happen to busy v3?

Looking forward to the app mate!!!

Super exciting! I'm loving the new minimalistic look.

Did you get the T-shirt Adeeee????

Lol I got the boxer shorts 😂

How much is it if were going to buy it at marketplace.

Full support!

Awesome update, we will do another review when it comes out for iOS!

It is a good news that busy will be available on mobile. I used busy.org since I heard of it. I am continuously using this platform to create my posts. I was getting upvotes from busy.org but it stopped a few months ago. After a gap busy.pay start upvoting my posts but its voting value is decreasing considerably. What may be the reason?
I think there must be some reason behind it. BYW best of luck for your upcoming projects. Have a nice time.


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Wow!!!!! Busy, love it!!
That's so many competitors now in Steemit, thanks the works guys!!!

This is excellent news!

Now I am sorry for not being there and getting your t-shirt 👕😂

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@jm90mm Jm our CTO, Lead Dev and mobile developer
@sekhmet Wiktor our CTO, web & SDK developer

So, you have two CTOs? :)

dCTO ! decentralized and collaborative approach for better results :D
We will probably choose one in the final core team in 2019

Hello. I don't know how to contact with customer service, so I post this comment here.

I have a question about link.
When I add a link as /@username/permlink format(relative path link), busy take this link as https://@username/permlink
Steemit, steemd, steempeak handle this link as I expected.

Thanks very much for your help with this situation.

what's the matter with Busy.org?

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Hi @busy.org, please consider this: https://busy.org/@blockchainstudio/decline-of-busy-org-posts-need-power-up-for-newbies (In sum, powering up @busy.org for newbiews with STEEM that has been sit for a long time)

ps. One of my PR was deployed (edit old post) and other four PRs are waiting :) I may need to get salary from busy :) Busy is still very good. Hope to see more active dev and maintenance. Thanks.

ps2. voting seems stopped for 3-4 hours for both org and pay. Hope this is temporary as before :)

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When can I download the Linux version the partiko.app?

Thank you @busy.org for upvoting my Knowpedia project. It means the world to me!

How do I get better @busy upvotes please?

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Hey Busy! The update for the new version seems really nice but is just me or the website busy.org are having problems?

I can't access it and it shos me an error 'no such app' with the screens below:
Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 19.07.26.png

Are there any fixes or work arounds?

I get the same issue

The same here, I was searching for any comment's I can't find anything even on discord....

I found another ancient comment in which someone said to use staging.busy.org which worked for me!

Thank you is this a new update to busy?

I think this one is their test server. They must be rolling out a new update to the live server although it's really odd that it gives you that heroku error

I just tested the staging.busy.org and it works thanks again! I was just a little leery to use it.
I just wish there was a discord update about what was happening or at least some talk on steem about it🙃
I usually need to get a discord invite, if they have a channel.....

Yeah, I hear you. I was put out by the lack of info!

Thanks @meesterboom, that link seems to work. They really should use steemit or other way to let people know when this kind of issues happen.

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They totally should. I hope they are aware and it's a deliberate thing

Hi, is the site down, I can't access it at all

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You guys are awesome! The best steem based social frontend in my view.

But I put the accounts up for sale, so I'll quit this job
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I will be grateful to you for the best price
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