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Can I stop pretending to him for once?
Can I be bold enough to tell him I don't love him?
That I never loved him and will never love him?
Can I stop deceiving him for once?
Though he is good and compassionate
His love know no bound
He suffered for me
Died for me
Rose for me
Yet I can't love him naturally
Yet my heart can't outflow love towards him
But I love him when I needed him
I was there for him only when I needed him
Never was there when he needed me
I never truly loved him
Was there for him only when I needed money
Was there for him only when I needed food
Was there for him only when I needed shelter
Was there for him only when I needed to be caressed, loved, pampered, protected, and made whole
Was there for him only when my exam time table came out
That's when I visited him, loved him, praised him, and cooked for him
But he was there only to accept me
He told me I looked beautiful when I wore rags
He said I smelled like Heaven when I was sweating
He hugged me when I had sore
He loved me most when I was dirty and smelly
He attributed me positive when I was negative
Yet I still pretend to him
I want to love God because I loved him and I can't do without loving him
Loving him is me and loving him is love
Love can save mankind
Let's start loving now!!!

Saw this, liked it and decided to share
Original content by Chidozie Gozie, ESUTH

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Cant deceive God. Nice poem

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