That Perfect Day : The Last Freewrite Of The Year.

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That perfect day will surely come, and am sure every little thing is gonna be alright. I've been told several times to always be positive about life. And that's what I'll be, that's what will be my goal this coming year around the corner. Positivity.

I've passed through a lot in this year, and I met crypto on the way. Lost some, win little, am glad am still alive to make a second chance of what is left of me. Gone are the days when I don't know what tomorrow holds. Now, I think I have a better, bigger and a clearer picture.

Life hasn't been fun, yeah, so many lows enough to get someone depressed. So many are commiting suicide here and there. With lots of happening these day, some people aren't having it easy. They just wouldn't speak out. You know what? Better days are still ahead. Better days.

Am so positive that it's gonna be fine, am gonna be alright at the end of the day. It just can't continue this way. I've got to be alright and OK. I can make it work. No, I can't. My God could make my life work right now. And I take a lot of solace in that.

Christ is truly the hope of eternal glory.

Despite all that is happening in the world the child of God shouldn't show a sign of fear. He shouldn't. We've come a long way to be brave whatsoever comes our way. It's gonna be fine. Trust me. Even if you don't have anything in your pocket. Don't worry. So far God is still on the throne, it's gonna be fine. Even if it looks like everyone has forsake you, common, God hasn't, it's gonna be fine. Hold on and press on. It's gonna be fine. I can't promise you. Only God can, and if you ask me if God said it. Yeah, he did, in His word, He has said it that we as a christian shouldn't worry for he has conquer the world. Yeah, Christ who is the hope of eternal glory has conquer the world. He is risen, not for himself but for the world. His kingdom has no end. And am banking my faith, life, dreams and aspirations on that. I can cash it out in the bank. Jesus, the living saviour can save me from this shit of mess. He alone can.

This new year coming, Christ and Christ alone.

The Last #freewrite post of the year for @mariannewest.

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