Don't Even Know What To Say : A 5 Minutes Freewrite.

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I've read a lot to have know too much. Seriously, it's good to know what kind of habitat you come from which will help on better knowing who you are.

You know what, it's early in the morning and I can't believe am expressing a writers block right now. How could I? I thought early in the morning is the best time to write but it seems I was wrong.

Maybe I should do some exercises to warm up my brain, plank contest, jug, run, walking, press up, I don't know, just anything that can keep my brain flowing with energy again.

Still don't know what to do here. OK, I'll try talking about this Christmas, I've been eating meat for the past few days in the spirit of Christmas and it's making my teeth to hurt. Seriously, am not doing OK with this anymore. My gums are been weakened by this. But on top of this is the beauty of the Christmas season. I still can't get hold of what am writing yet but I still have to move on with it.

I think my five minutes is off now, and that left me with a lesson, never be too sure of yourself, though it's neccesary to sometimes be bold to do some things. It's also good to know shits do happen. So, prepare for the unforeseen.

A Freewrite by @mariannewest.

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I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. 🙏

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Interesting that your teeth hurt from eating meat... Hmm.