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We are ready to tell about your business projects to the whole world! You can do it yourself too at any of the online conferences that take place daily! Every week (and every day at 12.00 AM, Moscow Time) we conduct online meetings of Network Business Team Leaders. To these meetings are invited company presidents, training centers, advertising agencies and the best bloggers from around the world. Teams from all over the world are united into one big international Association of Solidar Teams.

Everyone can speak and talk about their business.

I personally invite you to the next international meeting, which currently is held in English only, but then it will be held in many other languages.
You will have the opportunity to tell about your project, share information with leaders of other teams, as well as listen to other participants.
You have a very good opportunity to find new partners, new leads and new participants of your project.

How is it going on?

Participants introduce themselves (up to 1 minute) or tell about their business (up to 5-10 minutes)
If you want not only to attend, but also to tell about your business, let me know about it in advance.
Your task is to interest club members in your business proposal in order to attract new partners to your business. The constant link to the meeting in Skype is

Boris Siomin,

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